READ ME, READ ME: you need to put your “total T3″ OR your “free T3″ in the box above FIRST, then put your RT3 result second, for this to work correctly.  

Your ratio will show up right above–don’t miss it! It’s small

Need your ratio? STTM now does it for you! Put your results in the areas above–both the lab number and the unit of measurement–and click on “Get Ratio”. To understand your result, go back to here.

Why am I trying to find my ratio? Excess Reverse T3 is a growing problem for thyroid patients. It can be caused from chronic adrenal dysfunction (too high cortisol; too low cortisol) as well as having low ferritin/iron problems.  Even low B12 and other imbalances, plus chronic stress, can cause the excess.  You can read about the RT3 problem here.

Why can’t I just go by the RT3 result by itself? Because just the RT3 lab result may not tell the story. It may “look” normal, but may not be in relation to the Free T3. You have to find out the ratio between your RT3 and the Free T3 (or total T3).

What result am I looking for? With the free T3/RT3 ratio, healthy ratios will be 20 or higher. With a total T3/RT3 ratio, you are looking for 10 or higher.

Your two lab results can come in different units of measure, making it hard for the “math-challenged” to know how to convert the measurements into the same units in order to find the ratio. See below about conversion to the same units.

Does high Free T3 due to pooling cause any problems with the ratio? Yes. You may have a better-looking ratio than you really have if you weren’t pooling. (Pooling means having T3 build high in the blood because it’s not getting to your cells—usually due to low cortisol, high cortisol, or low iron)

Is there a calculator I can use just to change from one unit of measurement to another? Yes, try this one:   This is not going to give you your RT3 ratio, but it can give you a measurement to put in the down-arrow above in case your particular measurement isn’t shown above.

NOTE: this is a BETA calculator. If something didn’t come out right, let my brainy techs and I know.  Email Janie via the Contact Me below with your comments.