Thyroid patients say PHOOEY to new Armour formulation and Forest Pharmaceuticals

armourtabletsugh1 As the “newly” formulated Armour desiccated thyroid pills, made by Forest Pharmaceuticals/Laboratories, have been hitting the market, so are comments coming out from some thyroid patients…and they are not in the least complimentary.

The reason that Armour had been favored by so many thyroid patients among all the desiccated thyroid brands is the ability to take it sublingually.  Sure, Armour was never officially made to be taken sublingually, but it worked.

Sublingual refers to the administration of a medication via the millions of tiny capillaries that line your mouth and mucous membrane. The pill was placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve–most of it entering the body directly via your sublingual glands, and only a small amount swallowed.

Some patients who switched from swallowing to sublingual noticed the difference, too.

But the beauty of sublingual has gone even farther than noticing anything different. First, it was always a known “baddy” to swallow any pills that might contain iron, estrogen or calcium at the same time we swallowed Armour or any other desiccated thyroid brand. Why? All three interfere with and bind a certain percentage of the thyroid hormones in our stomachs.  We were forced to take any of those hours apart from swallowing our pill. So doing the Armour sublingually allowed us to swallow the above pills, or drink milk, or eat high iron foods, at our own timing and not hours away.

Second, the old formula was usually gone in our mouths within 30 minutes give or take. Now, patients who take their newly formulated pills sublingually (which now has less dextrose and more cellulose) despise the “chalky, pasty, gritty residue” left in one’s mouth.  It also results in Armour taking far too long to be properly absorbed.

Third, those with adrenal fatigue can find themselves waking up with nausea due to the morning low cortisol. And being able to take Armour sublingually bypassed the need to swallow a liquid to take a pill and promote more nausea.

Fourth, those with Celiac disease, and even those with standard low thyroid digestive issues, found sublingual administration to help their absorption of what desiccated thyroid offers, which they didn’t get well if they swallowed the pill.

All in all, the buzz around patient groups or on comments here  about the newly formulated Armour is not complimentary.  It doesn’t work well sublingually. It’s too chalky. It leaves a gritty paste in your mouth.  And patients are highly disappointed.  Let’s hope that one of the pharmaceuticals takes the ball and runs to create a sublingual desiccated thyroid.

What is your experience with the new formulation? Are you still trying to do it sublingually?  Have you found doing Naturethroid sublingually works? Are you switching to Naturethroid or Westhroid out of principal, as many are stating they are doing? Use the comment section and let’s talk.

*Express your opinion to Forest here: 1-800-678-1605, ext. 66297.

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105 Responses to “Thyroid patients say PHOOEY to new Armour formulation and Forest Pharmaceuticals”

  1. vincent

    Maybe, but i think Armour Thy­roid Thi­royd ( by greater pharma ) is the Old Armour !
    The plastic taste is normal ?!!
    The taste is bitter too. In the mouth, the pill has gone rapidely. The taste seems to be very chimic.

    Greater pharma has no reply to my question about pills ( with handwriten label ) i have in my house are fake or no.

    Sorry for my english !

  2. Adriana


    I got the Thiroyd meds from Greater Pharma and they don’t look trust worthy to me either! Except the fact that they sent it from Thailand, the label is a basic piece of paper – printed not handwritten- but with no info about the manufacturer! Just the name, dose and man/exp day!
    I was never on Armour so I can’t comment the effectiveness of it.. it so far feels as useless as the levothyroxine..can’t drop an ounce whatever I do

  3. Pete

    I´ve been trying to get a prescription for Armour for several years. And now when I finally succeeded I found this information. Thank you very much, Forest! Now I´m afraid to even start the medication.

    From Janie: chewing it up makes it work better, say many patients. Or use this:

  4. Chantelle

    When this first started I requested a change to Nature Throid. I am so much better again with this one. I will never go back on Armour or Synthroid ever again now.

  5. Dale

    I was on Synthroid for 22 years and lost over 3/4 of my hair and gained over 48 pounds. My energy was so low I had given thought to just checking out…then I was told about Armour. I noticed the difference within an hour of taking the first pill. I never tried the original however I think the Armour I am getting now is great. I started dropping the extra weight right off and all I changed was the medication. After three months I lost 38 pounds and they have not come back in the past year. My hair stopped falling out and is acctually coming back. Plus for the first time in 22 years I have energy!
    The only thing I had to work on was the dose…for me it took three pills per day. I am very happy with my Armour. I just wish we could get it with out going through doctors!


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