Thyroid Tidbit: Desiccated thyroid in Denmark, Germany & Italy!

dancingpeopleSTTM’s Armour-vs-other-brands page now has information on desiccated thyroid in Denmark, Germany and Italy: Thanks go to Julia Hendryx for alerting me about the brand in Denmark!

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THIS PATIENT REVOLUTION for a better hypothyroid treatment is working! Desiccated thyroid brands which were almost extinct from low use are now seeing a comeback. Another comeback?? PATIENT HEALTH!! T4-only meds do NOT work, unless an elevator which only goes to the 5th floor of a 50 story building….works. My quote; my words.

p.s. See the post below about the importance of your potassium levels, and below that, how being hypothyroid can affect your liver, and my opinion of that fact with T4 meds vs. desiccated thyroid, which one comment disagrees with.  For the May 7th post, comments are still coming in about the “New” Armour. Express yours, and let’s hope that just raising it will do the trick, in spite of the loss of being able to do it sublingually as easy as before–a sad loss.

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5 Responses to “Thyroid Tidbit: Desiccated thyroid in Denmark, Germany & Italy!”

  1. Donna Hand

    I would like to share a simple and easy home test anyone can do check for underfunctioning adrenals: looking in the mirror, pucker your lips and see if the skin around them shows white – it will be just a thin white line immediately adjoining the lipline showing IF you have adrenal insufficiency.

    I would also like to thank you for your book, Janie. It is THE best, and I’ve read over a dozen!



  2. Donna Hand

    Your website (the Armour vs Other Brands webpage) does not mention American Biologics Thyroid described as Raw Thyroid Tissue Concentrate. Their tablet contains 130mg of raw thyroid concentrate (bovine origin – not an extract). The “other ingredients” are listed as: dicalcium, phosphate, magnesium stearate. Other information: “Tissues processed by low temperature lyophilization by sublimation to insure rawness and preserve natural constituents.”

    If you already know anything about this tablet, please would you share with me?

    Thank you in advance.


  3. Gina

    I also would like to know about American Biologics Thyroid Brand

  4. Eva Taylor

    I 3rd that note about American Biologics! I’d love to hear some thoughts on it. It’s available on Amazon and has good reviews there, what do others, esp. STTM think about it?

    (From Janie: Since STTM is about patient experiences, I need to hear more from folks.)

  5. Ann Medlock

    I just switched from Armour to American Biologics and am having to tinker a lot with the dose. A full tablet of the AB bovine was way too much. Even a half tab produced a buzz. I’m now trying a quarter tab. We’ll see.


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