Trying the newly formulated Armour?

If  you are, check out the comments on the May 7th post or the April 28th post, and add your own comment about the newly formulated Armour desiccated thyroid by Forest Pharmaceuticals.  Let’s keep a running tab on experiences.

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  1. Scarlet

    On May 1st, 2008 my thyroid was removed because of Papillary Carcinoma that had spread to both lobes as well as my lymph nodes.

    At my request I went straight on Armour thyroid and obtained wonderful results. On June 8th I picked up a new three month supply and when I placed the tablets under my tung I noticed that they were not the same. By July 7th I was practically bed ridden. My joints ached and I was as weak as a kitten. I have three small children at home and it took every ounce of energy that I had left to walk to the phone and call my doctor.

    I do not want to cause alarm but my doctor believes that the reformulated Armour is contaminated – (most likely the cornstarch). He indicated that we are getting sick and going hypo because our bodies are rejecting the pills due to toxins which is causing us not to absorb the thyroid properly.

    I received a prescription for Nautre-Throid which does not work well sublingually. This is a hard time for all of us…

    • trish Savidge

      Ive had this same experience and have stopped taking the armour after 10 years. I feel so much better ,but im afraid my body will start to react from not having the medication Ive been on for a decade. What did you do to get back in balance?

  2. Erika

    I never got to try the old armour. Was diagnosed hypo and tried supplements and diet
    change as I did not want to go on meds. Last week my energy levels were super low and my
    moods all over the place. I’m subclinical but the rapid onset of the depression
    and constant fatigue were enough to get me to start armour. I’m on 30 once a day and
    have noticed my moods are more stable and not fatigued. Crossing my fingers for
    everyone here.

  3. judy b

    I have been hypo for 40+ years, some doctors would medicate, some wouldn’t. had been on synthroid for last 10 years with not good results, thanks to this sttm, changed doctors and started armour 3 months ago, even tho it was the new formula, it still was better than synthroid. went to get my refill last time, and they couldn’t get my dosage (90) so gave me 30’s (which i acutally liked better to split up thru the day). This time (thru my mailorder pharmacy) they couldn’t get armour at all and had the doctor rewrite to nature throid. from what i can tell from this blog, i may be better off with the change. Thanks!!

  4. Cris

    Interesting you say your doctor suspects the new formula may be contaminated because almost all corn products in America are GMO (genetically modified) and the GMO products can cause considerable damage to us at the cellular levels.

    Also, someone mentioned that the new formula is meant to be digested so enzymes can work on the hormone, but interestingly enough, enzymes only work in a 98F environment; most if not all hypothyroid patients suffer from low body temperature-I know I do, my basal temperature is around 93F (my thermometers only go that low so it could be lower).

    I just started up the new formula. With the old formula I’d bite it and tuck it under my tongue when I went to bed and upon arising. It would dissolve within a half hour or so. This new formulation is still in my mouth when I wake up.

    I don’t get the sickly sweet nasty smell with the new pills, and they aren’t as sweet or dense either. Taste wise I prefer the new formulation, but I’d rather have the old formula because it works. So far the new stuff isn’t doing it for me. Forest is up to something, it’s like they’re slipping synthetic thyroid hormones to us or something. More complaints are necessary, and if the complaining doesn’t do it, hitting them where it hurts, their pocketbook, will.

    • trish Savidge

      I wish this was true. I feel like they want to mess up the old formula so they can do away with it. They were not able to make money on armour because it worked, much better to keep people sick. Sorry you have to deal with this misery. I just stopped taking armour after 10 years, I believe for 5 years its been making me sicker. Since they changed it. I too believe they are slipping something in it making it VOID. This is just unforgivable!!!

  5. Laurie

    Just an update…have been taking 1 & 1/2 grains of NatureThroid for a week after finally getting (reluctantly!) a prescription from my doc. Feel good! Got the runaround from Winn-Dixie Pharmacy (after I praised their efforts!) that NT ‘was on backorder indefinitely’ and would/could not even give me an estimated delivery date. Contacted RLC Labs and explained my situation. The rep was kind enough to give me the contact info of several pharmacies in Birmingham, AL that buy directly from RLC Labs. I called the first name on my list, they verified the product was in stock & available, they in turned called Winn-Dixie, requested the transfer of my prescription, called me back for addy & payment info and I received my 30-day meds the next day. My ins. does not cover NT either. I am thrilled in finding a source, can adapt to the taste of NT taken sublingually and know every day will be better. Call RLC Labs 1-877-797-7997 as they do care. Thank you Janie for this site & your tireless efforts to make us all aware.

  6. Lisa

    Sadly I’m another victim of the Armour reformulation. All of my symptoms have returned and my TSH levels are through the roof! Unfortunately my endo just left town and I’m awaiting the arrival of the new one to get a different Rx. It’s so sad that Forest Labs didn’t do more to check out the effects of their reformulation before they unleashed it on the population!

  7. Alexia

    The new Armour was horrible. I am now on Westhroid and my skin and hair as well as brain function and energy levels are returning to a health.
    I am so angry at Forest Labs for changing Armour. But Westhroid seems to be working!

  8. Ben

    Thanks for posting this. One of my patients is on Armour and she came in today asking if we had it, which of course we did not (at least the 1/4 grain that she takes). I told her I would track it down for her. She mentioned that she wanted the “old” Armour, and that Forest had changed their formulation at some point this year. Usually when people tell me this, about any drug, I brush it off as a psychosomatic thing. I told her that I would do my best but since it was on long-term backorder (and has been off and on for as long as I can remember), I may not have a choice.

    She ran down her list of symptoms which were in-line with hypothyroidism, so I was perplexed and began to really ponder if Forest really did change the formulation (which you should NEVER do with any NTI drug), and if they had why weren’t we (the pharmacists) informed?

    She asked what she could do since the new-formulation isn’t working for her, and I told her that she and her endocrinologist may want to consider a trial run on synthetic T3, and she got and absolutely devastated look on her face. I’m glad for reading this because now I can suggest Westhroid, which to be quite honest I’ve never heard of.

    I think I may have found the “old” formulation for her though, and it’s being UPS’d in from another part of the state. For anyone interested, if you really want the old formulation, I will explain how to have a decent shot of getting it. And believe me, this is not sure-fire by any means, but it is the only way I’ve found so far.

    Again, it’s not a guarantee that you will get the “old” formulation and unfortunately there is not a way to know for sure until you actually take the medicine home and use it.

    Go to Walgreens (other chains may be able to this as well), and have them pull up a list of every store in their district and neighboring districts “inventory-on-hand” for Armour Thyroid. This is an exact count of the number of tablets that each store has. Off to the side is a column that says “Days of supply.” You need to pick a location that shows “NO SALES.” “NO SALES” means there hasn’t been any of that drug dispensed in the last 90 days, and the way the system is set up it will only order more product if you are actively dispensing it. Therefore, if Forest changed the formulation in April, there is a good chance that if a store has any product on hand and they haven’t sold any in 90 days, that the Thyroid on the shelf is the old formulation.

    Again, I’m not guaranteeing any luck. So please don’t go to your pharmacy and yell at them because you didn’t get the old formulation. It’s really hit-and-miss.

    As far as complaining to MedWatch and the FDA, don’t bother. Armour Thyroid is marketed without an NDA, and without FDA approval. It was only allowed to stay on the market because it was grandfathered. The FDA has no say-so with what Forest does to the formulation.

  9. Susan Quitzau

    I am sitting here in tears. 3+ months ago, I called Forest labs when I too, noticed a difference in the 60mg tablet. They confirmed the formulary change and I continued to take my doses as prescribed. However, My wellbeing, physical and mental health has been declining the last several months – so bad that I went back on Wellbutrin, but actually on the generic the first time. Feeling worse and worse, (depression, weight gain, irritability, sensitivity to everything!, etc.) I found out that the generic Wellbutrin also is proving ineffective for some. So, after a month on the brand Wellbutrin and still feeling my decline, I came back to wonder about the NEW Armour – and sure enough, all the info is here and on Mary Solomons – I’m NOT nuts! The NEW Armour isn’t working!!! Will be on the phone to my doctor as soon as his office opens this morning!! Must read through your posts to see what resolve you all have had to this (what to take instead??) Susan

  10. mair jones

    I had to go on armour thyroid because I became severely allergic to levothyroxine,eltoxine etc.The first batch in Feb 09 helped me get better (I now assume this was old stock)it dissolved well under the tongue.The second batch seemed ok but didnot dissolve well.In June the third batch has returned me to a dreadfull state of illhealth;all the old symptoms back,and worse lethargy etc.I am seeing my private practitioner tomorrow,and I will be asking him to put me on another type of extract.No more Armour for me!
    Everything the UK doctors warn you of about Armour is coming home to roost.

  11. Betty Longerich

    Almost 50 years of taking Armour Thyroid with no problems with my dosage. Encountered problems twice in past when my doctor “insisted” that Armour was not reliable and started me on Synthroid and then on Levothyroid. Recent Armour formulation has changed everything for me. T3 higher than normal. Recently,had to have formulated capsule prepared by Walgreens as my mailorder pharmacy and local pharmacies could not get 90mg tablet. (By the way, I have chewed my tablets for years, always with excellent results.) Now, after 10 days of capsules (30mg) I FEEL HORRIBLE. Persistent nausea, headaches, and lethargy. Will call doctor on Monday and try to switch to something else-maybe Naturethroid or West throid.
    50 years of good Armour gone! Too bad that Forest Labs can’t understand that this change is not good.

  12. jackie

    I post on message boards on The Best Life website and, because I was going down the tubes rapidly the gals were trying to get me to get my thyroid rechecked. I have been hypo since 95 and was on Synthroid till about Jan 08 when I switched to Armour.) I Had fantastic results with it feeling so much better – even managing to lose twenty pounds over the past year on th Best Life prog. Anyway long story short…. these past two months I have been rapidly going down hill again – can’t budge the scales despite good workouts and great nutrition, am getting soooo lethergic again – no joy, tired all afternoon long. It never occurred to me that the meds might have been messed with. I was putting it down to my endo cutting me way back on Armour – now I know it’s probably both. One of the gals on BL just told me about this website – I had never heard of it but OMG I am so glad I have now. I intend to read more of the info this week and go armed to the teeth next week to see my endo – Thanks for all this new information. JAckie

  13. Victoria

    I’ve been taking Armour 30mg for about a year to suppress my thyroid and multiple (hot) nodules. I quit taking it for about 8 weeks to prepare for a thyroid scan. So after the scan, I got my prescription refilled and the dr. raised the dosage to 45 mg. Ever since, I have felt like garbage! I never really had any hypo symptoms before I even started the thyroid journey (other than the lump in the throat thing)…but wow…I certainly feel hypo now. Exhausted all the time, hair falling out, lots of joint pain and my jaw hurts. The strangest thing is that the tip of my tongue has been very inflamed since starting the new refill. I can’t necessarily attribute that to the Armour because I haven’t read about anyone else having that problem…but now I’m suspicious! Calling my dr. for an appt TODAY.

    • P smith

      Please let me know about the sore tongue! I have been on armour for about 4 months now and have the same thing on the tip of my tongue. I also have other irritated places in my mouth. And little red blood blister looking things under my tongue.

  14. Julie

    After a year on Syn and Lev, I was till not feeling well. I finally found a doc to prescribe Armour. I felt great for 2 years and got a refill about a month ago. I noticed that it smelled different but did not think much of it. After about 2 weeks I felt HORRIBLE! All my hypo symptoms were back. I blamed my hormones and kept calling my docs office. I was completely frustrated until I went online to see if there were any issues with Armour and there it was….Armour reformulation info was all over the internet. I have been on Naturethroid for about a week and I feel a little better but not there yet. My hope is that everyone STOPS buying Armour and they change their formula back. If anyone has any luck with other meds can you post please?

  15. dharma

    Hi everyone,

    A friend of mine informed me that the formula had changed and I jumped on this site to see what everyone was saying.

    The more I think about, and after reading this, I think my symptoms have returned. It has been a slow process, but things have changed. I think I still have a batch of the old stuff because it has that familiar smell, but it’s hard to say since it seems the formula may have been changed before my script date.

    Anyway, I have a question about Westhroid and Nature-Throid…. Do you take it in the same manner as Armour? Ramping up? I take 6 grains of Armour a day. Any help on this would be awesome as I am heading to my doc in the next couple of weeks and I would like to be armed with information about this.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Elizabeth Kenney

    I feel like I’m the last one to find out about the change to the Armour formulation. In June/July I started to become symptomatic – this after a few years of relative normalcy on Armour. I was diagnosed twenty years ago at 23 with Hashi’s and about four years ago, switched from Synthroid/Cytomel to Armour with very good results. In June of this year, it was as if I was back in my body 20 years ago – a long list of symptoms. You know them all. I’ve had two straight months of my hair falling out like crazy, attack-like symptoms where I had a migraine for five days, brain fog, extreme fatigue, depression, joints and muscles aching so badly I cannot bring myself to do my normal easy yoga and fitness routine, and now, I’ve gained 10 lbs – all around the middle and chest. I feel bloated, have difficulty concentrating. In April, I had an IUD inserted and have had very heavy bleeding since, so that threw me off and my OB thought I might be anemic. I wasn’t, so it was back to the internist for extensive testing. He put me on NatureThroid three weeks ago and suggested I take Rhodiola for stress. I am completely stressed out over the slightest things – I know it’s very extreme, even I can see it and really try not to overreact to things. The days I’ve counted the hairs in my brush, it’s 140-200 after I wash my hair. Today, after three weeks of NatureThroid, I counted 104. This may be because I don’t have as much hair left to lose, but I’m taking it as a good sign things are getting better. I feel more energetic, for sure. It’s almost as if in addition to not meeting my Rx needs, the reformulated Armour caused some other kind of damage at the same time. I’m waiting for some extensive blood work from the doctor plus I did a 24-hr saliva test for Adrenal Fatigue. Hopefully answers and some relief come soon. It’s affecting my job, my relationships and my wellbeing.

  17. Susan

    After 5 years of rarely catching anything, I have had 7 colds in the past 8 months, each lasting approx. 2 weeks. This is exactly what my life was like before Armour Thyroid. I’ve also noticed joint pain and I’m sleeping way too well for someone who is perimenopausal.

    The thing that puzzles me, though is that I just had a blood test done and my TSH was .01 – Do you think it’s possible that my TSH could be fine, but the Armour still isn’t really working? I’m not sure if they tested my T4 and T3 levels. I have a doctor’s appt. scheduled for next week and I’d really like to go in with a plan in mind.

    I did notice a few refills ago that my pills didn’t smell bad anymore and wondered if they were using old pills since I had been told that the odor indicated that they were “fresh”. Does anyone know exactly when the new pills started coming out? I called Armour and left a message. Thanks for posting the phone number.

  18. Sharon

    I’ve been taking the new formula since June. My tsh has always been very low in the past, and last week I had it checked for the first time with the new formulation. My tsh was 6.2 and my doctor refuses to let me take armour or any other dessicated thyroid. He is making me take synthroid, which I have taken before and I know it makes me feel horrible.I can’t seem to make myself go to his office to pick it up. I know I feel better now than I will with a lower tsh on synthroid. I can’t find any doctor that will give me a prescription for anything but synthroid.

  19. Sienna

    I have taken Armour Thyroid prior to the reformulation. After the reformulation I noticed I could not disssolve the pills sublingually. Following another refill, my hair has been begun to fall out, my joints ache, and I have developed hideous acne. Good heavens! I thought I had overcome all this after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and being prescribed Armour Thyroid. A year worth of progress thrown down the drain with an unnanounced reformulation? I am physically exhausted by the lead-suit of hypothyroidism, and mentally fed-up with the dishonest conceit of medicine.

  20. Diana Anderson

    I have been feeling hypothyroid symptoms gradually for the past five months, and now finally know why. I did not put two and two together until reading about the change in formulation of the Armour, and my health. The approaching winter weather has made my symptoms of hypothyroidism impossible to live with. I have been on Armour before the reformulation a total of 3 years, and all was well until these last five months, go figure. I contacted my doctor and requested an increase in the Armour in hopes to alleviate my symptoms. I do not know if an increase of Armour is going to help alleviate my symptoms, but will soon find out. I will be diligently investigating all my options concerning natural thyroid replacement alternatives if the Armour is not working for me anymore. I love the fact that this “reformulation” was never announced at least not to my knowledge, and apparently not my doctors either! I am tired of all this mess as you all are, is it any wonder why we have no choice but to be proactive when it comes to our health.

  21. Jessica Williams

    I wonder if we are concerned enough about where these little pigs hail from?
    I’ve left Armour behind, opting for a compounding pharmacy in my area. I take 4 grains, and sometimes 5 daily. I dose organically according to how I feel. I’m female, 5 foot 11 and weigh 176, am 62 yrs old.
    I have good and bad days, but am not immobilized and still do my job.
    The pharmacist tells me he has many sources but confided that the best source (the one his patients preferred) was from New Zealand.
    Considering how we treat our livestock in this country, this may be a clinical factor in results.

  22. Rene Parke

    Thank god for all your comments and insight… I can relate to so many of you!! It is sooo nice to have a forum where we can go, support, and relate to one another!! I had my thyroid removed in 1999 completely due to cancer. I was on synthroid and a combo of synthroid/cytomel when armour went off the market!! I was soo excited when it finally came back and even started to feel better immediately within a week or two. But I haven’t been feeling well lately and feel like I’ve regressed and slowly declining! Now, thank god after finding this info here and on, it makes sooo much sense! I too noticed it didn’t have the icky smell which was obviously what made it ‘effective’!! I have many of the symptoms you say, brain fog, exhausted, water retention, acne, weight gain and around the middle, etc… I have heard people saying they are going to bring back the old formula, but have my serious doubts that will happen after being off the market this long!! But, maybe if we all ban together, we can force them to rethink this whole thing and what it is doing to so countless many!! I am also going to check into the Westhroid and Nature Throid actually this week with my doctor after he checks my levels. I’ve also been hearing however that they have also been ‘forced’ to reformulate theirs due to the Governments FDA regulations!! It’s an ongoing and forever battle!! Best of health, Rene’ 🙂

  23. Rene Parke

    Please call Pam at Armour Thyroid. She is in quality control with Forrest Labs! Her phone number and direct extension are: #1 800-678-1605 Ext. 67023. Please, please call her and/or leave a message on her voicemail relaying your concerns and discontent! I JUST DID!!!! 🙂

  24. Usha

    Have been taking Levo for 6+ years. But switched to armour thyroid since last year June. was getting my prescription filled for 2 months and felt so great since armour. But all of a sudden I hear this back-order news. then the re-formulated one doesn’t feel the same as the old. I feel tired, weight gain with contained diet, hair loss. I am not sure if Forest is forced by FDA to reformulate. do we have to fight for a natural medicine which works so well for most of us? 🙁 I don’t mind fighting if we get the quality back. any place where we can voice our opinions which will be hopefully heard?

  25. Christina

    Armour Thyroid Reformulation –
    Forest states that the “only thing” that has changed in the new formulation of Armour is the fillers. More specifically they say that they have increased the amount of cellulose, added cornstarch and decreased the amount of dextrose in the Armour Thyroid tablets.

    Do they realize that the changes to the ingredients that have been made, has been detrimental to the individuals that have to take thyroid replacement drugs. This NEW re-formulated drug is literally killing people who are taking it due to their sensitivity and allergic reactions to these fillers. The already KNOWN side effects are even more severe now than they were with the previous formulation, according to personal knowledge as well as the documented feedback that I’ve read on the Internet, regarding this situation. To be fair there were some individuals (few that I found) that either were not effected at all or it worked better for them.

    What constituted the need to change the medication in the first place? What clinical studies have been made regarding this situation, and are the findings available to the public? Could it be that some people were allergic to it, and it was changed to benefit them. If so, then perhaps this “new” Armour should have been released with the new formulation to benefit those people, not take away the Armour that was working for others. Isn’t this American? Are we not supposed to have the freedom of choice as well.

    What genius(s) decided to make these changes to the drug, then take the “good” Armour off the market and not even inform doctors, pharmacies and patients, that these changes were going to be made, and eventually did make and marketed it. Now, what will happen to the people that did good on the “Old” (circa 2008) Armour Thyroid formula, that may only have access to the new formula? Will they just have to “live with it” and continue to suffer and eventual die early because of complications due to this medication. Unfortunately, for some of the individuals that are struggling with this formula of Armour Thyroid will eventually have an early death because of it. This is not acceptable!

    Here is a list of the types of side effects and allergic reactions that people are having that are taking this medication, and what they have to live with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 a year:

    Headaches, trouble swallowing, choking sensation when swallowing liquids and food, pressure and pain on neck near thyroid location, pressure on lower jaw, stomach trouble, no appetite, gas, shaking, constipation, heart racing (constantly), excessive sweating, hair loss, cold extremities, constant girdling pain (crushing feeling around the torso both front and back from diaphragm up), rash, pimples on legs and belly, weight loss, weight gain, itching, pressure on lungs (difficult breathing, talking and laughing), difficulty in speaking, feels bloated, hoarse at times, loss of smell has trouble walking, hurts to be touched.
    When using lower dosage to attempt to minimize the severity of the pain, joints ache and swell on fingers, wrists and in some cases elbows.

  26. Chrissie

    I didn’t get on well with the reformulated Armour and was prescribed Erfa instead. I have been using Erfa for ages now, and it doesn’t work as well as Armour used to, so I would like to know whether anyone knows the situation with Armour? Does anyone know whether they have changed the formula back or not, or are they still insisting on the new formula? Thanks!

    (From Janie: FYI, Erfa works just as well as the old Armour did, for me. Be sure you are on enough, or have addressed adrenals or iron. )

  27. marie

    Just picked up the armour last night. This morning I smashed it between 2 spoons and put it under my tongue and it dissolved INSTANTLY. Nothing like the naturethroid that I did the same to. That stuff sat under my tongue forever. Could it be the old armour is back now?

  28. marie

    My comment was approved by nobody answered the question. The armour dissolved instantly under my tongue. Does that mean it is back to old formulation? It is for sure the name brand armour not the generic I double checked. Thank you so much for your help.

    (From Janie: use patient groups: )

  29. marie

    Hi again Janie, no offense, but I have tried all the forums in the world. I am tired of sitting and comparing symptoms, comparing how stupid the doctors and drug companies are. All I want is your book and your answer to that one little question. Based on all your statements and all I have read from the millions of sufferers is armour was reformulated, doesn’t dissolve and so on and so on.

    I come to you with hopefully good news and possibly valuable information to possibly help. All I asked was, based on my finding of it dissolving so quickly, do you, as the expert wanting to help people, think it is possible it is back to old formulation, or no way. What good would it do for me to ask people in the same boat as me, they know as much as I do for the most part. How wonderful would it be for you the expert on this subject to say the new armour is back, if it is. That is why I came to you to tell you and ask you expert opinion, yes, no, maybe? The pharmacist can’t answer this, the doctor thinks I am insane, so why not ask the person who wrote the book and has this wonderful site one important life saving question? If you believe there is no chance the fda or whoever would allow the old reformulation to return then that would also answer my question.

    (From Janie: Hon, I’m not an expert when it comes to second guessing, though. lol. What I AM good at is bringing “patient information” to the forefront. That’s why I am called the “Messenger of patient experience”. So when someone wants answers that I might now have yet, they CAN find them the same why I do–by asking other patients. 🙂 And right now, I have nothing to give as to whether the old formulation has come back, or will come back, except by waiting to see what patients are saying. And anyone can be a step ahead of me by going to groups and seeing what others are experiencing. P.S. And you will benefit greatly by the revised STTM book! A great compilation of patient experience and successes!

  30. marie

    I am totally getting it on pay day!! I understand what you are saying I just really hope this armour is the real deal. Keep on with the fight for all of us. I am really frustrated that none of the doctor’s at Cleveland Clinic will even listen to anything I say from your site. They are the doctor with the experience, paid the student loans, we know nothing. That is why all I need is the book and I will have to lie to two different doctors and play the game to get more of the armour so I can up my doses myself. Really freaking sad, isn’t it. Hopefully you can’t go to jail for fraud over non-narcotics, lol. (From Janie: all your options for good thyroid treatment: )

  31. Christine

    Hi Marie,

    I have read some posts in various forums saying that the old Armour is back or, at the very least, that it has been re-re-formulated and that many patients are now doing better on it. Some have contacted Forest and been told that it has in fact been re-formulated a second time, one was even told that the old Armour was back, whereas others have been told that no change has been made since the first re-formulation. Forest does not seem great at communicating with its customers, to put it mildly…But most seem to agree that the current pills are less chalky and dissolve more easily than the ones back in 2009.

    I take Armour myself and it definitely is not as bad as it seemed to be back in 2009. I don’t take it sublingually, though, but chew the pills up and swallow them with water. I have tried to swallow them without chewing them up and noticed a difference within hours (less effective). It seems to work just fine for me, although I require a substantial dose (360 mg or 6 grains daily). I don’t know if this is because I exercise a lot or if the increased cellulose content actually blocks thyroid hormone absorption.

  32. My story

    Background: Although an avid 47yr with a 30+ min /per day exercise routine and in ok shape, I started gaining a bit of weight even when I increased workouts and watched my food intake. Between Halloween and Dec ’10, weight gain went crazy and I put on another 30lbs! I knew something was not right. Went to a couple of practitioners over the year thinking it might be blood sugar. It felt like a connection between food and fatigue but always, nothing out of scope. Finally had another doctor who does a lot of thyroid work confirm it was my thyroid through more comprehensive lab panels.
    Started on Synthroid and nothing as he worked up my dosage. In Apr ’11 he switched me to 3 grains of Armour. Within a couple of weeks it ‘kicked in’ and I had energy and my weight started coming down (still exercising). By Aug I started gaining weight again and it’s not stopped. In Mar ’12 or so, I kinda gave up on exercise. Not wise I know but just, you know. The doc did increase my dosage all the way up to 5grains but I started to get headaches which I never have plus at night, when I relaxed, my back would itch. An itch powerful enough to wake me up. Weird. I’m back on 3gr on Armour from Walgreens but showing signs of hypo again I guess.
    On a sleepless night I rediscovered this site and the sub-lingual recommendations. It has a rather disgusting, dirt like flavor and will not really dissolve.
    The tablets appear to have the Armour logo on it but I wonder if these are generic or something? Yuck! I’ve tried 2x and ignoring the taste as well as I can, the things just won’t dissolve.
    I’m thinking perhaps I’m having an absorption issue which may be reducing the effectiveness of the med?
    One last thing – I’m self medicating a little bit over this holiday weekend (doc is out) by adding 1.5 grains mid afternoon. This will be my 3rd day. Maybe that will help?


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