More good info on Canada’s “Thyroid” by Erfa

erfathyroidJust had a good conversation with Dr. Henri Knafo, the Director of Medical Affairs at Erfa Canada, Inc.

On my post below from yesterday, you will see hopeful information on getting this excellent Canadian desiccated thyroid. And below is more information you have been asking for as patients who know the efficacy of desiccated thyroid.

Erfa’s “Thyroid” comes in three strengths: 30 mg, 60 mg, and 125 mg.  Amounts you can order, and costs, are as follows:

30mg             500 tablets  $52.00 US;    100 tablets $18.00 US

60mg             500 tablets  $70.00 US;    100 tablets   $39.00 US

125mg          500 tablets  $100.00 US;   100 tablets  $ 50.00  US

Erfa will charge a 10$ handling fee (for first time users) and shipping is around $20 US.  Knafo states the prices are equivalent to Armour.

Erfa’s Thyroid has been in production for 30 years and they have 5000 Canadian patients on it.

Erfa’s Thyroid is approved by Health Canada (their equivalent to FDA).  Erfa spoke to the FDA, and in order for their desiccated thyroid to cross the US border, you have to fill out and sign the FDA patient study form which is mentioned below.

Erfa’s Thyroid is made in Europe with the raw materials, and they bought an excess of it. So there will be no problem getting it and they expect no shortages the rest of the year.

One canadian pharmacy you can use (and is not associated with Erfa) is the Canada Pharmacy Online.

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  1. V

    Question: I’ve just been switched back to Erfa 90mg’s/day. I live in the States. I order it from a canadian medicine pharmacy. Are they reputable? The pharmacy they use is Newton Pharmacy in Surrey-BC. Anyone know for sure? I am assuming that the medication IS manufactured and comes from Canada.

  2. V

    Sorry, I forgot to say I order Erfa from a canada medicine shop and I just received my order, but it went through some high temp days (90+) and possibly power outages. I called the pharmacy and they told me that the heat shouldn’t affect it and that the company tests it to high heat levels.yet I read how sensitive thyroid meds are to heat) I started taking the new script yesterday and I immediately felt different. No energy, didn’t feel it hit my system like normal, noticing puffy eyes, tired, left arm/shoulder aches. Where before, I noticed when it hit (my heart would race a bit)but I didn’t feel like this! Can anyone help me out?

    (From Janie: go here to see patient groups:

  3. Kavya

    Does erfa stop the hairfall? Has anyone’s hair stopped falling using erfa. Please help.

    • Janie

      Kavya, Erfa will only stop the hairfall if it’s due to a hypothyroid state, which is a common reason for many who have hair loss. Hair loss will occur when one is undiagnosed, undertreated, or on T4-only. Another strong reason for hairfall is inadequate iron.

  4. Sue

    I just was prescribed Erfa Thyroid (I’m in Canada) after fighting a long time to be put on dessicated thyroid. Well, I went to the pharmacy today and they told me there was a shortage of Erfa Thyroid. I called Erfa and they confirmed this. I’m concerned about this – what does one do when on the medication but then can’t refill due to shortage? I’m wondering if i should stick with Synthroid at this point. Really dissapointed…

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Sue. Google ThyroGold. Or check out adding T3 to your T4 until you can get NDT.

    • Karen Gardner

      Hi Sue, You can get Armour in Canada. Start out low 1/2 gr in am and 1/2 gr in afternoon and work your way up. Some people like NP Thyroid by Acella but it is not as strong as Armour for me.

  5. Denise Bryant

    Dear Janie ,
    Have devoured the research in your book STTM : The Book , And I like many thousands of other thyroid sufferers [ Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis ] and resultant Hypothyroidism am treated with T4 only and feel and am worse each day . T3 is seen as quackery by the Endocrinologists in Australia . A medical totalitarian stance . Therefore , how am I able to access T3 medication in Melbourne , Australia? Any advice at all ? Your time permitting .
    Denise Bryant
    Melbourne . Australia

  6. Gale

    It is almost unbelievable. The raw material for Erfa Thyroid is made in Europe, and to us patients in Europe Erfa Thyroid cannot be delivered. I have tried it, and it was great.

  7. Pete

    Now there’s bad info on Erfa Thyroid. It’s gone through a reformulation. Erfa changed the place where it is manufactured and subsequently the pill itself. I realized right away that something was wrong when I opened my latest bottle of Erfa. The new pills are rock-hard. Even harder than the reformulated Armour pills. And yes, just two days after I started taking these new pills I was back to my old hypothyroid self. I hope this is just a bad batch and they will fix it…

    • Pete

      I emailed Dr. Knafo from Erfa. He says the formulation is still the same and that the bottle that is causing me symptoms is actually from a lot that was made in the old factory. But still, these new Erfa Thyroid tablets I have at the moment are really hard and do not work like they used to.

    • waveylines

      Pete -am on Erfa in the uk -so far not noticed the tablet change but strangely have been off it for a number of weeks -feeling tired and suddenly clocked the old hypo symptoms are subtly reappearing. have upped my daily dose -to see if this counteracts it. When Armour reformulated the same thing happened to me as that’s why I switched to Erfa……oh goodness I hope they haven’t changed the fillers -that’s what Armour did hence the issues for me at least…..not sure how to check this out – as the manufacturers sight is not in English -any body know?

  8. waveylines

    sorry typo -‘site’ not sight!!!


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