Armour and a lot of unhappy thyroid patients…all over again!

CORNER TAB(This post still applies to the current date and time since many patients continue to report the same problems as described below)

On July 1st, 2014, the pharmaceutical Actavis completed the acquisition of Forest Laboratories, the makers of Armour which is the oldest desiccated thyroid product on the market today.

And the poop hit the fan

By early 2015 and onward to today, more and more patients were reporting being quite unhappy with Armour. The price has risen substantially and often, and patients were also reporting a return of hypothyroid symptoms. It’s not all patients, but a substantial amount.

And this is not the first time we’ve been unhappy about Armour!

First, in 2007, patients were reporting that the two grain size tablet seemed to not be working at all. Then in 2008, patients had to endure seeing Armour disappear on the shelves. When they finally returned by 2009, all heck broke loose. Hypothyroid symptoms were returning with a vengeance. Turns out they “reformulated” it, increasing the cellulose and decreasing the sucrose. Not only could we not do it sublingually anymore–a method we preferred and which did in fact work—it also was causing a return of our hypothyroid symptoms in the worst way. We had to move to other brands. By 2012, the tablets were now softer, and complaints were down. But here we are in 2015 with a new pharmaceutical maker…and complaints have risen all over again.

The price has risen!

In September 2015, I sought out patient feedback in a few groups from those who had been on Armour before the July 1st, 2014 final acquisition, but were still on it in 2015. The first exasperation was about price. Here are some of the comments I got when I asked about a price change:

  • $20 before/$78 now. (forced to change insurance from my low copay to a high deductible plan)
  • Last year was paying £52 pounds x100 now paying £74.00
  • With co-pay, from $5 to $25-30 now
  • Over $20 increase for 90 mcg, 30 pills
  • With co-pay, $20 for 90 day supply in February 2015, $25 for 30 day supply in August 2015.
  • Last year cost $7-9, getting refill now-$33
  • $5 up to $24
  • Went up to $55 for a month’s dose of 120s (with insurance)
  • Went up about $15 dollars
  • Since last year, went from $5.80 to $10.80 to $12.80 and now $18.60.
  • For 180 tablets, from $22 to $160
  • I paid $47.30 before. When I ordered last week, its $71.91, same quantity and mcg.
  • $20 increase in cost.
  • $10 to $32
  • From 43.00 to 63.00
  • Tripled
  • From $25 to $60
  • My armour started off at $23/mo, in July 2014 and it just started climbing every month. In November 2014 it was $47/mo. Naturethroid is $39 for 90 days.
  • $29 to $44 for 30 of the 90mg.
  • Went from about $20/month to $92/month.
  • $6 in 2007/$30 now
  • From $15 to $55 per month (with insurance)
  • From 70.00 to 118.00
  • 3-month supply 57.00 a year ago to 85.00 now out of my own pocket at Costco!
  • Went up $20
  • Went up $30
  • Up $25

There were more answers, but you get the drift. Note that the differences in cost represent different insurance coverages and different amounts. But it’s clear: Activas substantially raised the price! Patients are NOT pleased.

The change in the pill itself

Though a small minority felt the pill hadn’t changed, and a couple said it was softer, 80% said it was definitely harder–exactly what went on in 2008.

One gal stated: “Not as uniform. Some softer than others; some harder to dissolve ; some seem to contain more filler”. That makes one wonder if her bottle had a mix of the 2014 and 2015 pills. Another gal stated: “Harder, different taste, smell and texture. Breaks clean.”

Most who responded either tried an increase or moved to a different brand

The answers broke out like this:

  • A very small percentage have stayed with the same amount as 2014 and feel they are doing fine
  • Another very small percentage raised and are doing fine.
  • A larger percentage are still on the same amount as 2014, or have tried a raise, but state they are not doing well and/or their labs are now wonky.
  • A large percentage have or are moving over to a different brand.

Symptoms reported as returning

For those who noticed their symptoms of hypothyroidism have returned since Activas bought out Forest, some are described as follows:

  • I now get tireder
  • Feels like symptoms are slowly returning…fatigue and intolerance to heat/cold particularly
  • Severe itching on sides of bridge of nose, hair falling out has worsened, feet have severely dried out-tops and bottoms, more unexplained weight gain 80%
  • My hair has started falling out all over again. Very unhappy.
  • Feel worse, more tired, but could be because of new baby
  • Have felt worse. It seems less effective.
  • Felt worse. Free T3 and free T4 plummeted.
  • My TSH has climbed!
  • Fluctuations
  • Problems and raising didn’t help.
  • Labs changed quite a bit.
  • Eye sight problems, loss of energy sooner in day; dr will not increase dosage..
  • My weight has gone up since January. Not happy.
  • I now have depression that I didn’t have before.
  • My weight has been creeping up and I have no changed my diet.
  • I don’t feel as well.
  • More tired. Have to nap now.

Comments by patients

  • I started on it for the first time in my life Feb. 2014. By May I had lost 20#. By Jan. I gained my weight back and wondered what in the world is going on. 
  • Started on Armour in March of 2014 but was also being treated for breast cancer so my results were probably a little skewed. Now on a higher dose and feeling better but not happy about the tremendous price hike!
  • Just got back from Endo. My labs are awful. Have been on same dose of Armour for a year. Even increase it a tad. T3 and T4 dropped. TSH went from 0.53 to 2.9. No wonder I feel like crap. She switched me to Naturethroid.
  • I’ve been on Armour for 3 years after my thyroid was removed and have done well until April or May of 2015. My hair started falling out, my body ached, I’ve put on weight, I started feeling depression and I’m more fatigued. I have no doubt that changes in the negative have been made to Armour and I’m ticked. I am changing brands.  
  • I have felt fine all this time, but I’m not happy with the swift price increase.

Bottom line is up to you

It’s a fact that Armour has gone up substantially since 2014’s acquisition of Forest by Actavis and it’s a fact that many other brands are much cheaper. So that would be up to each individual as to what they want to pay–more for Armour, less for other brands. The Options page on STTM lists all your brands.

As far as problems on the Actavis Armour, it does appear that for too many, hypothyroid symptoms have returned and/or labs are now off. So even though there are definitely some that still remain happy, you will have to decide.


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314 Responses to “Armour and a lot of unhappy thyroid patients…all over again!”

  1. Leonie rodarte

    This site is a wonderful resource.
    I have a question and would love feedback. I’m on day 15 of armour. The only 2 side effects are heavier menses and some itching in my right foot. I can switch to np thyroid as a generic option through my pharmacy.

    Should I? All this armour not working talk has me nervous. Thanks!

  2. Sharon gallowa

    I have been dealing with this for at least 10 years,ever since the buy out of armour, and all the changes to these medicines. I have tried the armour and the nature thyroid, and they have either changed formula’s or cheapened up the medicines, or both. I have just recently changed to erfa,so will try this. I know one thing,this changing back and forth with these medicines are not good on ones system.The stress,and finding out after all this time that they don’t work,and have to start all over again. These people need to be held accountable,,,,,I hope they go broke,that may sound harsh, but what they have done to everyone, I would have no simpathy for them,doctors included.

  3. Terrie

    I was on Armour thyroid 180 for Hashimoto’s disease for 2 years and I had a lot of quality of life. But the first refill of the ACTAVIS Armour thyroid November 2014 and I went straight down hill. I have tried everything since, including Naturethroid, and still I am at rock bottom. I have had every test including the 24 hr saliva, nothing is pointing to the reason why I cannot get out of the toilet. I’m so sick, I can barely imagine another year of this. I am disgusted with big pharma, and now I see there is a petition to save Armour thyroid because big pharma wants to force the synthetic on all of us. I nearly died twice as a result of doctors insisting the NDT was not safe. Synthroid is my 2nd worst nightmare, the reformulation of Armour thyroid by Actavis is my #1 worst nightmare and it came true.
    I have had my doctor try everything this site suggest, and still no change in my labs or symptoms.
    Why can’t we just have a compounding pharmacy copy our old Armour thyroid medicine? I still have a few pills left over from the Forrest labs Armour thyroid, isn’t it possible for a lab to copy the ingredients and remake the same pill?
    I am currently on a compounded form of NDT with minimal fillers, but like all thyroid since Forrest labs Armour, it isn’t working.
    I’m at the bottom with no more hope, I stay so sick I literally cannot keep the fight up much longer.
    Does anyone know how we can get the few remaining FORREST LABS Armour thyroid medicine pills in my possession copied by a compounding pharmacy? They could make a fortune in profits from those of us who are ONLY helped by the Forrest labs Armour.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Terrie, Naturethroid has been working fabulously for folks, so I’m thinking you may not understand how to read the saliva results?? It’s about “where” they fall in those ranges, not the fact that they fall in them. This page explains: And iron can cause problems, too, which also is about “where” the results fall.

      Your answer with not feeling well on Naturethyroid may be right here:

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        UPDATE: it’s been reported to me of two people who lately found that their current batch of Naturethroid wasn’t working as well. So…just in case…if that’s you, the first thing patients are doing is going to another brand like NP Thyroid. Only if THAT doesn’t work do people know it’s probably from not raising high enough, or an iron or cortisol issue.

    • Karen

      Hello Terrie,
      Read your post and know how you feel. Just called in my prescription for the month of Desiccated thyroid (they use only one filler)
      the Pharmacy informed me it’s gone up from 35.00/month to $80.00. shocked! This is the only type of medication that has worked.
      Believe me, i’ve tried them all. I too have Hashimoto’s and do not wish this on anyone. It was only when I went gluten free that my body
      started to respond and go back to normal. I feel wonderful. However, the price increase really hits hard. $45.00 additional each month
      is a lot.

  4. Jenny

    I have been on Armour for a few years after finally finding a Dr to prescribe it in Sydney Australia. The only options here seem to be Armour and compounded desicated extract.Would anyone know of other brands to try available in Australia? Where and how do I obtain these such as Natureroid?

  5. connie tussing

    What is up with Actavis pharmaceuticals? Many of my previously standard acceptable medications are now owned by Actavis. I am noticing a distinct reduction in quality, efficacy, taste and a rise in price. I’d appreciate any information. For now I am avoiding products from that company.

  6. Jo Nutt

    After the latest Armour reformulation, I am wanting to try Erfa or Acella. Can any one tell me, who have made a change, if just substituting the same gr. will work. Another words I take 3 gr of Armour, would I start out with 3 gr of Erfa or Acella?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Erfa has had issues,too. The other is more reliable. Yes, it’s basically an even swap, then after several weeks, we do labs to tweak up or down…or not.

  7. Tessie Huffman

    Dr started me on Armour of 15 mg by Forest for one month. Tablet was hard
    After taking it one month I was suppose to have my blood work repeated.
    Since it was July 4th weekend, I wanted to wait until July 6 to be tested. Started taking my refill of 15 mg by Actavis that weekend.
    It dissolved in my mouth and I have had a horrible headache and nausea. Did not go for blood work.
    What to do?
    I contacted my Dr and the pharmacy. Now waiting for a response.
    I have a cousin that has taken Armour from Forest for years and she said her pill was hard.
    What is with the dissolving pill? It even made my tongue burn.

  8. Susan Ferguson

    I am just reading this info for the first time. I am very concerned as I have been taking Armour for over 20 years with changing the dosage as my Thyroid was destroyed due to Hashimoto’s disease. I have never thought about who made my drug until reading this. I looked and it is made by Actavis. My concerns had only been about price since the drug has been going up every time I renew now for over a year. My blood levels never stay the same so my doctor is always changing the dosage, now I wonder if it is the drug not my own body causing the problem. I hate to change to something else and start the process of finding the right dose again. Thanks for the info which I will read more via your links.

    • Linda Swearingen

      Hello Susan;

      I have been taking Thyroid meds for over 20 years too. I started with Synthroid, continued to take it and adjust my dose for several years….well, it never did stabilize completely, however, I learned how to read my symptoms and got to know when I was taking too much or too little. My sister started with Armour about 12 years ago. She kept trying to talk me into trying it and I finally gave up my Synthroid for Armour. There are charts that give the docs dosage equivalents so they know how much of a dosage to give you when trading one for the other. About a year, year and a half ago, I started getting my hypo signs and symptoms all over again. So tired that I started sleeping more and more until lately I’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day and I am a 5-6 hours a night sleeper, well….used to be that is. I just started back on Synthroid (generic this time…Levothyroxine). If you start with Synthroid, you need to stay on Synthroid, and same with Levothyroxine, as well as some of the others. The problem with ARMOUR is now anyone can make it and believe me….everyone and their brother is making ARMOUR. Some of the Armour’s offered – have 17 ingredients in them, while others might only have 8. You will not get the same exact dosage each time, unless you receive it from the same lot (bunch made all at the same time, together). This, I believe, is why so many of us are having so many issues with ARMOUR. Our thyroid needs free T4 and T4 converts to T3 as it is needed…..unless our thyroid is not functioning correctly to do this. If that is the case, I would imagine that after taking Levothyroxine after a few months, I would be able to find out by the way I feel….as the blood tests aren’t accurate either. If I feel that I need T3, I will ask my doc to add it to my agenda; trying to feel like a human again and not a hibernating, all year long, bear! The bear part includes my moods too. Irregular heart beat, from time to time, losing hair, mood swings (sometimes terrible mood swings), from crying to laughing to being angry and sometimes even vicious….ever feel any of those? Tired all of they time, painful, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, constipation, dry skin, irregular periods, headaches, feeling just overall yuky! Other Medications, including vitamins will accumulate in your system when your thyroid is not working right, because it controls your metabolism, so what you eat, vitamins you may take & script drugs; you can end up toxic, as your body is not using a lot of this, so it just runs around your system and your cells are not getting fed..nor are they getting rid of what they need to take out of our system….there are so many body functions that our thyroid controls and they keep finding more all of the time. Do some research for yourself, it really is good to get as educated as you can about anything that your doc diagnosis you with, or with anything that you believe you are having the symptoms of. The Chlorine and Fluoride in our water (not well water), takes up markers on our Thyroid that are meant for thyroid hormones and so does ‘bromine’, which is what they use now in breads to preserve it instead of iodine, which was once used. Bromine also takes up the thyroid markers, leaving even less markers for the real thyroid hormones that NEED to be there. No wonder there is an epidemic of Thyroid problems. Especially ‘Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism’ – which I also have. The levels of thyroid hormones are up, down, sideways…you name it and how is it supposed to get regulated when medications are out of control? No way to control thyroid hormones if no control over meds to help us with thyroid problems…and YOU MUST HAVE EITHER A FUNCTIONING THYROID OR MEDICATION TO TAKE PLACE OF THE THYROID FUNCTIONING…..OR THE END RESULT IS NOT GOOD…NOT GOOD AT ALL!
      Bug your docs until you get answers and get the correct med for you; until you feel good again, continue to bug him/her! PLEASE KEEP A DIARY, of how you feel, any signs or symptoms you are exhibiting We do pay our docs wages….I am a nurse, I know where their income comes from…all of us!! It is an extremely complex system in our bodies, but we can feel good again, even if you’ve been taking thyroid replacements before. We just need it controlled in our bodies and the meds need a stricter better control! The DIARY is crucial! Write what you eat, how many hours you sleep, it’s ok if you’re not eating a healthy diet right now…you need to concentrate on getting better, then worry about that. However, try to eat somewhat healthy, for that will help with the way you are feeling to a point. Diary everything….give it to your doc, tell him verbally when you go in, any good or bad about how your are feeling, and anything new going on.
      We can get better, or at feel much, much better. I know we can, because at one time I did. Until they started playing with our medications….without warning or even asking how we are doing…the don’t care and it is time we looked out for one another and show them how much we care!
      God Bless you all!
      Linda Swearingen
      There is so much more about the thyroid I would love to share with you, but I know I’m already boring you to sleep….zzzzzz….I am me. **smile**

      • Maria Viator

        Thank you for all your knowledge, it has been very helpful!

      • SUE

        Linda, so how are you doing back on Synthroid? I was on it years ago, switched to Armour with mixed results. Then jumped to NATURE-THROID. WOW! I have gone from what was bad to much worse. Weight ballooned up, severe aches, mood in the toilet, hybernating is exactly the correct description… I am considering going back to Synthroid/Cytomel Combo from many yrs ago..This is a NIGHTMARE… Have started researching ACELLA too….

  9. Diane

    I used Armour for years with no issues. I noticed my copay went up then suddenly my insurance stopped paying for it saying it was a “brand name”. So switched to Westhroid, since neither Walgreens or CVS here in TX seem to be able to get NP Throid. Westhroid’s dosages seem to contain slightly more T4 per grain which seemed to help initially but now getting symptoms of hyperthyroid such as hair loss and heat sensitivity. It is a never ending struggle with Thyroid meds.

  10. Karen

    I’ve been on Armour thyroid for years, but now it is causing the same symptoms that the synthetic thyroid meds. Racing heart and I feel bad, really don’t think I can take this changed Armour meds,

  11. Megan

    I’ve been on armour for a year now and my hair is completely falling out. I’m so terrified and discouraged. Should I go off cold turkey?? Is armour causing this???

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Megan, two things to tell you: Yes, Armour changed a year ago when Activas bought out Forest, causing some to report their symptoms came back. But that was only occurring for some. Others still do fine on it. So that could be it. BUT, it can also happenbecause you have been underdosing yourself a long time. I would take the time to study this page on how we find our optimal dose, even if you change to another brand of NDT:

      • Linda Swearingen

        there have been many changes in Armour. I will look for the articles and let you know where they were that I have been researching.

    • Linda Swearingen

      no, please talk with your doctor and if not satisfied with him. Get another opinion. Get all of the tests they require so you can get to the bottom of this. Please always talk with a doc before going off of any med….not generally good to cold turkey any medication.

    • Rebecca

      Does your scalp tingle burn or ache off and on from the armour??

      • Erin

        Yes. I thought I was crazy. I was on Armour from Jan-June of this year and had scalp pain and severe itchiness/burning on the back of my scalp near my neckline. Doctor switched me to Tirosint thinking it was an allergy but I’m still miserable and now that I’ve read up on NDT I realize that consistently being on only 60mg could’ve been the issue and I am thinking of trying it again at higher dose. I’m very seriously considering switching endos as well, but that’s a whole other issue.

  12. Terry Figueredo

    I was one of them who switched due to Armour no longer working by September of 2015. Thanks to my new GP not understanding the TSH thing, he cut my dose when he switched me to Nature throid. Then referred me to an endo. when I started complaining of feeling worse and gaining weight because of lowered dosage. Endo. raised my dose with concerns over TSH. When I hit the dosage of Nature throid 1/ 1/2 gr. that made me euthyroid on Armour I still felt lousy. I asked him to switch me to WP thyroid and am now feeling euthyroid again. I think I had a problem with all the fillers on Nature Throid, there are 10! My problem now is getting him to keep me on this dose because of the TSH. I even offered to sign a release! I’m waiting for new prescription refill and have been informed WP is on backorder as of two weeks ago according to Walgreens! Sometimes I think you just can’t win on this thyroid issue, if it’s not the Dr. against you it’s the supplier of your meds!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Terry. Call different pharmacies. Where one will say it’s backordered, others will have it. 🙂 And keep fighting against that TSH! Good for you.

  13. Jen

    I have been on NP for a year and never could get my levels doctor switched me to Armour 2 weeks ago and I’m having a terrible time…lots of indigestion and gall bladder type pain, funny feeling in my chest…etc. Not like I’m hyper at all palpitations have actually gone away thank goodness…but I can’t take how I’m feeling now…does Armour by Actavis have gluten in it by chance? I can’t seem to find an up to date ingredients list! I have Celiac disease so this is scary!

  14. Jean L

    I am on Naturethorid and have been for a couple of years now. Just recently, like the past 2 weeks, it is not working hardly at all. I have awful symptoms. Anybody else on naturethroid np and feeling really bad?

    Janie, what is going on? Why are they making so many changes? I don’t get it. If they are still prescribing it, why doesn’t it work?

  15. Jean L

    I have information that not many people have. I was told by American labs Owner that he changed the way he processes the natural thyroid powders. They supply all the active ingredients to Armour, naturethroid, ERFA and ALL companies that make the pills in America. They now freeze dry the hormone, which makes it less potent. They are the ones who are causing a tremendous amount of problems along with the pharmaceutical companies changing the bi-products.
    AMerican Laboratories explained that the demand was too much for his company to handle and that is why they made changes. They use to heat it to process the powder; however, it was a complicated procedure. That is why it changed in 2005. That is when I spoke with him.

    The people need to know. This is a big problem for many, many patients. Something needs to be done. The government should be involved in this in my opinion. Obviously, American Laboratories needs help in handling the volume of powder they need to process. The government should step in and make regulations on how this is processed. The quality of the hormone is not the same and never will be the same if they continue to freeze dry it. Obviously, they are having problems in their company.

    If you call them, they won’t speak to you. They completely shut off everybody unless it involves Sales. What do we do with this thyroid crisis?

  16. Jean L

    I thought you were recently saying that many people are having trouble on their natural meds? My mistake I guess, but that is what it sounded like. Any how, I am having a problem. Will be seeing my doctor in September. Maybe I just need a higher dosage. I have been taking up to 3 pills / day. Seems my thyroid is swollen, which is what happens to me when I am not on enough medication or when I am on synthroid. If I take synthroid, my thyroid swells.

    I hope we are not leading to that crisis again. It seems that are trying to make the pills with the least amount of potency they possibly can to cut costs.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Oh no…it wasn’t about many people having trouble with their natural meds. It was many people starting to report problems with Armour in particular after Forest was bought out by Activas. Even with those people having problems, there are still others on Armour doing well. So each person has to figure out whether Armour is working for them or not. Otherwise, the other brands are working great for folks if they are optimal and still have good iron and cortisol. i.e. there is no crisis going on with “natural thyroid” as a whole!

  17. Jean L

    What is RT3? Thank you for responding! I never heard of RT3. Can you explain?

  18. Jean L

    Thanks for the info. I received a shot of depo provera in error when I was in the hospital. Why that happened is crazy; however, I am in my fifties, menopausal. I heard it can raise your cortisol levels. Could that be my problem?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      We know that high amounts of progesterone used day after day can convert to cortisol and cause higher levels, but not sure that one depo provera shot could do that. Might want to consider ordering a 24 hour adrenal saliva test and see what’s up if you feel cortisol issues could be causing problems. My Med Lab on this page is an example of what one can be ordered:

  19. Jean L


  20. Jeanne Hilton

    I have adrenal fatigue and have been on 120 mg Armour thyroid. My numbers were borderline and the doctor increased my dose to 150 mg. It threw me into a tailspin. I felt so weak that I couldn’t get out of a chair. I stopped and it has taken me a couple of weeks to feel somewhat better. I have had this reaction every time I have increased the dose and it lasted for 2-3 months. I ended up in the hospital with TIA symptoms after this last attempt to raise it and my diastolic blood pressure was 46. It may have caused the symptoms due to not enough blood to the brain. Is this an adrenal crash? What should I do to figure this out? I am at my wits end.

  21. Chris

    My pharmacy filled my 60 mg Armour with NP thyroid. I’ve been feeling awful and my intuition told me to go online and I found this blog. I’ve been on Armour since 2004 and haven’t had any issues. I’ve been on NP now for 10 days and am very tired and put on weight. The Armour website says they are no longer on back order, so I’m going to call my pharmacy to see if I can switch back.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hey, you are actually on a better NDt, which means it’s probably suppressing your feedback loop more, which means you probably just need to raise! Study this page:

      • Chris

        Thanks for your comment. I’m confused why you gave that page as a reference? I got moved from NDT to NDT, not from synthetic to NDT. Why would I need to raise my dosage a ‘like for like’ substitute? I’ve been on Armour with no issues, up until 10 days ago when switching to NP. Maybe I’m not understanding something?

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          Hi Chris. Because NP is actually a better NDT than Armour for many. Thus, as stated, it can be suppressing your feedback loop more since it’s better, and thus, you may need to consider a raise. The link explains what we look for when optimal.

          • Chris

            I do appreciate your time and patience responding to me. But I still don’t completely understand how it’s ‘better’ if it is suppressing a feedback loop – I’ve looked up feedback loops but it’s beyond my level of comprehension. Plus, I don’t understand why it is ‘better’ if I was feeling fine before on Armour. I’ve shared your site on Facebook and in a private group, so I’m thankful you’ve brought so much info here for us to make our own decisions. I’ll likely go back on the Armour anyway and I’ll have the supply of NP on hand in case I want to switch back and play with upping the dosage.

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            Hi there. Not sure how else to help you understand. But do know that NP is a great product and patients have soared on it. So raising is clearly the answer to find an optimal dose, we’ve found.

            There have been a return of hypo with Armour for some folks (not all) since it was bought out by Activas apparently, so hopefully you’ll be within the group of those still doing great. Do read the link I sent to see what patients report “optimal” has meant with temps, loss of symptoms, free T3 and free T4, etc.

  22. Chris

    PS – I’ve been on Armour – one grain, 5x/week, and two grains, 2x/week – for a year and a half and feeling great. I’ve read the page you gave me and found some things to try, in general – I’d like to try the 2x/day dosage, but it’s hard to split the dose each day b/c it’s one tablet and they’re tiny. My iron levels are very good and my cortisol levels are normal. As a side note, in 2014 I was able to significantly reduce my stress (lots of activities I did to ‘turn off’ my fight/flight system by engaging the rest/digest system), which improved my stomach’s production of acid and healed my adrenals – that is what improved my iron levels and reduced my cortisol levels. At the end of that year, my thyroid meds were too high for the first time in 10 years, so I reduced my Armour and have been fine since. Until 10 days ago when taking this new NDT med.

  23. Donna Martin

    Why do I get heat flashes on 60 armour thyroid?

  24. Jenni

    I purchase my thyroid directly from Thailand from T.Man Pharma. They only make the 60mg or one grain tablet, but it is great and very inexpensive. I called them and asked for someone who speaks English. They sent me an invoice which I paid on Paypal, and they shipped me a 3 year supply. Now I don’t have to worry about fluctuations in manufacturing because for the next 3 years I’ll be taking the same batch. I read on another website that dessicated thyroid is very stable over time, especially when it’s coated with T. Man thyroid is (it’s pink).

  25. Sherry

    I am freaked out. I have been on synthroid for almost 18 years and finally saw a doctor this morning who prescribes Armour and I got a script filled which happens to be Actavis. Now I was excited to try this as I am tired, hair falling out etc.and I am in menopause. Now, after reading all these posts, I am scared to take the Actavis 60 mg as I am worried I have a reformulated version and will end up with MORE problems-not better. I called the pharmacy and their supplier won’t get in the WP which seems to be my best option. Should I just take the Actavis, or call my doctor, or WHAT?

  26. sandy

    I have been on naturethroid for 3 months and my tsh keeps going up. I have no thyroid.


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