1) business conversations DIRECT PATIENT-TO-PATIENT COACHING (fee-based)

  • * Confused about your lab results or symptoms? 
  • * Hitting a dead end and feeling stuck in your treatment?
  • * Not sure how to explain issues to your doctor?
  • * Want privacy that a group may not give you? 
  • * Need encouragement, hope and support?

A paid coaching call may help you a lot. 


  1. VIA PHONE  (cell or wall phone) US or Canada only  
  2. VIA SKYPE  (computer use, audio-only so you don’t have to worry what you look like!) and for International–requires a Skype account. Make sure your computer has audio and your Skype is set to accept calls.  

ABOUT COST/PAYMENT: Cost is based on the time spent together, not on content, which is $55.00 US flat rate for the first 30 minutes (or less), due no later than the day before. You will receive a PayPal request for payment. If you go over the 30 minutes, it’s then minute-by-minute (1.50 per minute. For example, 15 minutes is only 22.50). You will receive another PayPal request after the call for any of those extra minutes. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use the PayPal request–it can also be just an intermediary with your credit card. Your credit card in a month will show PayPal and “Thyroid Call”. 

HOW TO REQUEST A CALL: answer all the below by using this Contact page to request a call.

1) The topic(s) you want to go over 
2) Your phone number (US or Canada only) or Skype name (other countries) 
3) Days and blocks of time you can talk with your time zone.

***IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER AND TERMS OF SERVICE YOU ARE REQUIRED TO READ:  By doing a coaching call, you are automatically agreeing that you will be receiving “information about reported patient experiences and wisdom” pertaining to your issues, NOT medical advice, and the call will NOT be seen as a substitute for the guidance of a qualified medical professional. You are simply talking to another patient who will give you patient information. What you do with any information shared is at your own risk and you agree to that by doing a call. We cannot follow up calls with free email feedback–not enough time in our days!


POSITIVES ABOUT GROUPS: Informative admins, potential for good friendships, for patients ONLY.

RULES ABOUT GROUPS: NOT for medical professionals, NOT for business promotion or mention of ANY kind, NOT to be a substitute for a relationship and guidance from a good doctor.

By using these patient chat groups, you are agreeing that it’s at your own risk, and that STTM takes no responsibility for decisions you decide to make by using them. Work with your doctor’s guidance–these are NOT supposed to replace that. The list below is not in any order. You just need to find the one that you like the best…for YOU! 

        A. Internet groups (non-Facebook)

  • Natural Thyroid Hormones International Yahoo group (NTH): This friendly and helpful yahoo group was started by Janie in 2002, continuing strongly today as patient-to-patient with excellent moderators, and focuses on the use of desiccated thyroid or T3 rather than T4-only. You have to request membership and give information about yourself. For Patients Only.
  • NTH Europe Yahoo group: This NTH group was started in 2010 and specifically for Europeans-only to discuss finding good doctors, good clinics and the use of natural desiccated thyroid or T3, etc in Europe. You will need to prove you are in Europe when you ask to join, otherwise, you will not be approved. Once in this group, you’ll see mention in the Files of Sheila’s TPA-UK group, another good one.  For Patients Only.
  • NTH Children Parents Group: Started in April 2011, and specifically for parents or legal guardians of children who are hypothyroid, or you suspect they might be.  Do not ask to join if you don’t have children. Requires approval of your membership request. For Parents Only. You need to be working with a doctor for your children–this should NOT replace that.
  • T3CM for low morning cortisol This patient-to-patient group focuses on the T3 Circadian Method, but also looks at many issues around adrenal function, including MTHFR, HPA feedback loop and more. You cannot have hypopituitary, Addisons or untreated Diabetes for this to work.

        B. Facebook groups 

FTPO FACEBOOK GROUPS (“FOR THYROID PATIENTS ONLY”):  Totally run by patients to provide “solid, repeated patient experiences and wisdom”. They are “closed groups”, which means no one outside the group can see your post. NOTE: You won’t be approved unless the admins can see EITHER your friends list or your wall posts. You can close them up after approval.

Remember: NOT to be a replacement for the relationship you have with your doctor.

NOTE: Janie does not run these groups nor approve memberships. You will see Janie’s name as an Admin in these groups—that is simply to show their connection to STTM information. 

      • FTPO THYROID TOPICS discussion group A friendly and large patient group for good feedback and support about thyroid issues, run by patients just like you.
      • FTPO ADRENALS discussion group  for use of HC, adaptogens, Isocort, glandulars, etc.   Discusses issues related to adrenals, aldosterone, symptoms, HC, adaptogens, Isocort, glandulars, etc.
      • FTPO T3-ONLY For those who have reason to be on T3-only..
      • FTPO GUT issues group  Specifically for those who have gut issues of any kind, or gluten Intolerance or Celiac. Great recipes and links are shared here.
      • FTPO WITHOUT A THYROID group Specifically for those without a thyroid talking about unique issues because of being thyroidless, plus about RAI, thyroid surgery, and better thyroid medications, etc.
      • FTPO THYCA group For those who have thyroid cancer, or are a survivor of thyroid cancer! Discussion on the different types, treatments, challenges and more.
      • FPTO LYME group For those who as suspicious or have confirmation of having the bacteria related to Lyme. This Lyme group attempts to be open-minded about treatments and positive.
      • FTPO OFFICIAL SEX HORMONES group (as related to your hypothyroid condition)  For those with hypothyroid and hormonal issues. This was re-established to be a more open-minded and friendly group. Enjoy!!
      • FTPO PARENTS OF HYPOTHYROID CHILDREN group For parents who want to share with other parents. NOT to be a replacement for a doctor’s guidance with your child.
      • FTPO CANADA Thyroid group For Canadians only.
      • FTPO UK and EUROPEAN THYROID group  Specifically for those who live in Europe and who want to chat about issues related to their counties and regions.
      • FTPO AUSTRALIA THYROID group For those in Australia who want a friendly and informative nature to their discussions!
      • FTPO SPANISH ONLY THYROID group  Strictly spanish speakers.


      • STOP THE THYROID MADNESS FACEBOOK PAGE Here you will find posts which are pertinent information pertaining to patient experiences and wisdom. Patients can comment. Medical professionals welcome if you are eager to learn from patient experience and wisdom. 
      • STOP THE THYROID MADNESS POETRY PAGE  A place to share your creative poetic spirit about your hypothyroid experiences. Humor appreciated! Artistic drawings also welcome if they pertain to hypothyroidism.
      • PARATHYROID Connections–a Facebok support group  Know or suspect you might have a parathyroid problem? This is where you go to get excellent information and support.
      • CONGENITAL HYPOTHYROIDISM Facebook group  This is for parents who through a newborn screening discovered that their baby was born with a deficiency of thyroid hormones.
      • LDN “Got Endorphins” Facebook group A way to talk to others in the use of Low Dose Naltrexone to improve your immune function.
      • IODINE 4 Health Facebook group  Run by Stephanie Buist who owns the above Iodine Yahoo group. She also runs the Yahoo iodine group:
      • IODINE Workshop  Run by Lynne Farrow, author of the The Iodine Crisis, plus Lynn Rasaitis. A very open-minded and excellent group on iodine.
      • UNITED KINGDOM TPA-UK group Specifically if you live in the UK, this group is run by the dynamic Sheila of TPA-UK.
      • PERNICIOUS ANEMIA/B12 Deficiency Facebook group  Have heard good things about this group.
      • STTM Blog Here is a place where you can read what’s on Janie’s mind or Guest posts for several years, and can comment! This is not a place for questions, just comments. But you can read what others are saying.  Sign up with the Blog notification to the left of the blog and below the links, which will send you an email when Janie posts.  (Look on the left of any page on the bottom of the links to sign up)
      • New Zealand Facebook group  Heard good things? But do let me know.

***Know other good patient groups related to thyroid or issues associated?  

To be listed here, groups must be mature enough to refrain from bashing other advocates or groups, must be open-minded about patient experience rather than “opinion”, are not using the group for sales, and are helpful and supportive to the members of the group. Use the Contact link below to let STTM know.


And two recommendations if you need coaching on NON-thyroid issues, or consultation on website design:
      • Life Coaching:  Need to talk to someone about where you are going with your life, career, etc? This is a Life Coach I trust and recommend.  He attended the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and focuses especially on high achieving creative minded types.  To learn more about life coaching and to get a free sample session, click on the underlined link and tell him I sent you.
      • Web Content and Coding Consultation:  A highly recommended consultation when you need help with content management within WordPress, web coding, help with fixing your site if it just doesn’t look right to you, and recommendations on what you need, how much it’ll cost and how long it’ll take. This is done by the guy who helped create the STTM website.

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