Are you switching to Nature-throid? Here’s 10 good things to know!

nature-throidWith so many folks reporting problems with the newly-formulated Armour, there is a growing body of individuals stating they are switching to Naturethroid by RLC Labs (formerly Western Research), another prescription brand of desiccated thyroid.  Here is info to carry with you if you switch:

1) Naturethroid has a coating on the outside, and some patients state they bite on the pill to remove the coating, and still try to do it sublingually. No sugar, but some are determined.

2) One grain of Naturethroid is 65 mg rather than the 60 mg that Armour users have been used to. Two grains are 130 mgs, etc. (One grain is actually 64.8 but it’s easier to round it up). Strengths are 1/4, 1/2, one grain, two grains, three grains.

3) The makers of Naturethroid will be creating a 1 1/2 grain tablet by next year to add to the sizes they currently have. Other sizes are in the works, as well.

4) Ingredients are:

  • Porcine Thyroid Powder, U.S. Pharmacopeia
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Sodium Starch Glycolate
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
  • Stearic Acid
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Polyethylene Glycol

5) Naturethroid uses the same USP thyroid powder as any good desiccated thyroid product—it “adheres to full pharmaceutical purity and standardization on the consistency of the hormones along with full pre-and-post testing procedures associated with quality prescription products.”

6) RLC Labs is a small and friendly pharmaceutical company, and you are going to see improvements to their website coming.

7) Twitter has a new Nature Throid website.

8 ) RLC labs also distributes Westhroid, which is identical and mostly used by veterinarians.  There won’t be newly-created strengths for Westhroid as there will be for Naturethroid.

9) When switching, you will have to figure out if you need to be on a similar amount as before, or a different amount, according to symptoms.

10) And finally, it’s been around since the 1930’s–another tried and true desiccated thyroid product!

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195 Responses to “Are you switching to Nature-throid? Here’s 10 good things to know!”

  1. Cris

    Hypothyroid patient dealing with symptoms and this medication craziness since September 2007 when had partial thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer. Switched from Levoxyl to Nature-throid about a year ago as T4 only medication was horrible. Was only ever able to take ¾ grain Nature-throid which I did by chewing and swallowing one ¼ grain 3 times a day (6am, 10 & 12) and felt “better” but not great, still tons of symptoms.
    Being frustrated, in September 2012, switched to USP desiccated compounded thyroid with sustained release (made to take one capsule in the AM) felt a bit better but gave me horrible insomnia every few days. I thought something was “wrong with batch” and went back to Levoxyl for 5 days until I could get Nature-throid which I am currently back on (one ¼ grain 3x day).
    From what I can gather, the USP compounded thyroid had more T4 & T3 than Nature-throid (estimate: NT T4=28.5 T3=6.75; USP compounded thyroid T4=33.3 T3=7.85 with sustained release). My TSH tests have always been so/so, but best with the USP compounded thyroid but stopped it because of the horrible, constant insomnia.
    I feel like none of this medication is working for me because I still don’t feel right and still having all these other crazy symptoms (constant fatigue, numb/cold hands and feet, head to toe tingling sensations, dry eye, constipation, bloating, gas, brain fog, anxiety, palpitations, headaches, emotionally hyper sensitive, elevated cholesterol, dry/brittle skin, nails & hair etc. etc., etc.).
    Just want to feel good. Feel better. Feel “normal.”
    Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    (Patient groups:

    • Charity

      if i were you i would contact a naturopath, it sounds like it could have something to do with your adrenals and the only way to test it properly is through a saliva test to test your cortisol levels , etc. alot of your symptoms sound like adrenal fatigue and your thyroid won’t be optimal until your adrenals are good.

    • Tanja

      Adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, and sympathetic dominance -/ you have to treat those before loading your body with thyroid meds. You will never tolerate higher doses because your body has the brakes on to save you…

      • Janie

        FYI: my sympathetic dominance improved just with using NDT. i.e. it was caused by a continued hypo state. So “treating” it was by being on NDT.

    • Bobbie

      you might want to get some hormone replacement done also hypothyroidism goes hand in hand with your other hormones just saying to help
      I was also hypothyroid and I had hormone replacement done along with this medication and I feel great but I had the same symptoms you did

  2. LeAndra

    Dr. Udell is a both a regular doctor and natural doctor who gets it. He is the only one who diagnosed me with Hashi. Fax him all the correct reports and he will see you. He gives free 15 min consults and you can gain a lot of insight from that. Two days ago I had full thyroid removal … nodules were HUGE and he is putting me on naturethroid.

    • kevin

      i am having a terrible time with euthyrox. Please help.

    • Connie

      What is Dr. Udell’s whole name, and where is he located? I would like to contact him.

    • Vickie Guizzetti

      Where is Dr Udell located? I have no thyroid and having problems with horrible symptoms. I need a good doctor…

  3. Linda

    I was put on Nuture Thyroid 4 MG instead of Armour 30MG and it sent me from being HypoThyroid to HyperThyroid. Is the amount the same? My doctor is having me only take 1/2 a pill a day now till he can see me and check my medicine.

    • Doug

      I wanted to add my 2 cents on thyroid levels and some info ingeneral which I hope may be of help to someone.

      Thyroid seems to be one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed aspects of the endocrine system. Many doctors, like my GP i used to go to, only measure TSH and T4 levels. TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is produced in the pituitary gland to induce the thyroid gland to produce more hormone. Measuring TSH is largely a worthless measurement as it doesn’t say anything about what is happening at the cellular level. Being in range as so many doctors and endocrinologists look at is often missing the mark. Hypothyroidism is quite often under diagnosed in the general population.

      Better measurements would include T3 Total and Freel, T4 Total and Free, and RT3 (Reverse T3). T4 is mostly converted in the cells to Free T3, which is often forgotten or ignored all together. Optimum T3 Free levels are in the 3.3 to 3.4 range. Don’t forget the thyroid antibodies…make sure to test them as well (there are two). If you have a positive level, it may likely indicate Hashimotos, even if your levels are in and out of the range. And should you have elevated antibody levels, going gluten free is an absolute must if you want to retain the the thyroid functioning at its best level. It is thought that the molecular make up of gliadin (the protein in Gluten) is similar to the molecular makeup of the thyroid, which is why it “attacks” itself (autoimmune response) causing damage to the thyroid. You can also get a simple blood test to see if you are ‘Gluten Intolerant”. Again, you must go gluten free if you are as ignoring this may lead you down the road to Celiac Disease and the tremendous dietary limitations that go with it. Some say that even if you have a positive antibody test result one time, but not the next time, the fact that you were ever in the elevated range is enough of an indication and should not be viewed as a “false positive”. High RT3 levels may indicate adrenal fatigue, as someone else stated here that the body is applying the brakes so to speak to protect it from further exhausting the adrenals. Let how you feel be the guiding light more so than the range.

      I hope this is helpful.

      • Erin

        Hi Doug,

        Do you know what a normal lab # or range for RT3 is? I suspect it is not what the lab is saying it is like so may other tests. And, if you have an opinion, I am currently on synthetic T4 and T3 and I have adrenal insufficiency with high cortisol at night. Should I switch to NDT or wait until I see improvement in my adrenals? Thank you.

  4. undine2006

    Feel wonderfully well since I changed from Levothyroxine, finally got my life back.
    Surprised to see each tablet contains calcium, thought that was something to be avoided with natural thyroid.

  5. Dave

    I just recently switched from NP Thyroid by Acella to Naturethroid by RLC Labs. Mainly because the NP is on back order. So far I love the Naturethroid. Before taking it I read constantly about Naturethroid and Celluose. I don’t know what the big deal is. NP Thyroid was soft and very sublingual. But I have found the Naturethroid to be equally as sublingual. I find it dissolves without any great effort. I don’t have to chew the pill either. It simply dissolves after a few minutes of mixing it with your saliva. The main reason I chose it was because it is the only NDT to be Hypoallergenic. It may be too soon but I love how it makes me feel. I was food shopping the other day and singing as I pushed my cart around. I felt so good I didn’t care what anybody thought. It just makes me feel really good. Nice and smooth, it’s wonderful. After years of never getting there I am Tickled to death with Naturethroid and how I feel on it.
    Thanks, Dave

    • V

      Interesting, I just started Nature-throid 4 days ago and am having an allergic reaction to it. When I dissolve/chew it, it makes my tongue swell and my lower lip go numb and swell. It also causes hives all over and severe hypo symptoms. I switched from Erfa because my FT3 and FT4 levels were low, but I was feeling hyperthyroid with heart palps. Guess I’m allergic to a filler in Nature-throid AND Armour AND Np Acella (tried them all) the best has been the Erfa, but I get severe muscle pain in my legs/hyper/hypo symptoms (No thyroid) I think it’s adrenal issues. We are talking about adding a compounded natural desiccated t4 with acidophilus to the Erfa to see if that helps with some Morning Cortef and a plethora of other prescribed meds/supplements. UGH!!

      • Janie

        One way to know if you’re allergic to porcine is see if you have the same reaction to bacon or ham. If not, which may mean a reaction to a filler, patients in your shoes go to compounded natural desiccated thyroid in order to control the fillers (not “natural desiccated T4″, which you wrote and could mean your doc is putting you on nothing but T4–a mistake). Also, one thing patients have learned repeatedly is not guess about adrenals. Symptoms of high cortisol can be similar to low cortisol, and there are different treatments for different variations. Patients learned to always do a 24 hour saliva cortisol test to see what’s going on.

  6. jan

    I have suffered with adrenal failure due to being taken on/ off prednesone on without titration. It “killed” my adrenal glands and now has no impact at all. I also had thyroid cancer and had both lobes removed 8 years ago. I fought with doctor after doctor to even begin to feel some positive changes and finally found a doctor that understood the t3-t4 conversion and the levels that are needed to feel better. I was on 2 1/2 tabs in the mornings and 2 in the afternoon. Nature throid needs that extra boost in the afternoon to keep me out of bed every afternoon. My current dr thinks I am on too much and has decreased my meds and I justf foresee spending day after day in bed. she isn’t knowledgable about thyroid and adrenal difficulties and with many endo’s they have always focused on diabetes because that’s where the money is. I have talked to several doctors who have admitted that they only spent 1 day at the most on adrenal insuffenciacy

    • Nancy

      My husband suffered from adrenal exhaustion after returning from 3 years of combat. Extreme stress caused seizures and complete exhaustion. Hydrocortisone brought his life back, reduced stress, improved depression and clear mind. Started 40 mgs per day is now cut down to 15mg per day, he is 225lbs and body builder so if you don’t exercise you probably won’t consider this dosage.

  7. Nonie

    I switched from Armour to WP Throid/Westhyroid about three weeks ago. I’ve experienced severe stomach bloating which is causing pain in my abdominal. Has anyone else experienced this? I stop taking it for one day, the next day, no bloating. When I started back two days later major bloating. I started off at 130mg 65 am and 65 pm for about the first 2 1/2 weeks. I was having body pains so I switched it to 65am 32.5 pm for the last few days.

    • Ellie

      Hi – I have just started Westhroid going from Levothyroxine. I am also very bloated and have a sharp pain in lower abdominals (right side). This started the first day of taking it – not sure if it is related / a coincidence / wrong dose or what! Now I don’t know whether to stick with it or stop and go back to Levo :-(

      • Janie

        Sorry to read this. :( It may be a coincidence, or you are here: Hope you figure it out, as NDT is a FAR better way to treat hypo.

      • Jins

        I switched from armour to WP thyroid 3 months ago. I had mild bloating and was feeling gassy. But it went away in few days. last week, my Dr increased the dose from 1.25 grain to 1.5 grain and I have been severely bloated and gassy. hoping the symptoms will subside. if not planning to try Nature Throid.

        • Janie

          Jins, that can happen because of your low stomach acid–the latter due to your hypothyroidism. Drink down the thyroid with water which has a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon juice in it.

          • Jins

            Thank you Janie, I am going to try it now. I take the WP sublingually so usually don’t drink water with it.

          • Carolyn

            Also just listened to one of the talks on Digestion Sessions and they said that some with digestive trouble, esp. SIBO patients, have trouble with the inulin. It’s in many probiotic supplements as a “pre-biotic”. Klaire Labs is one such therapeutic grade probiotic that has inulin in it. So as Janie suggested it could be a low stomach acid issue, or it could be that the inulin is feeding some of the not so helpful gut bacteria. (I’ve been on Armour for 6yrs with good success, along w/ GAPS diet. Switched to WP b/c it looked cleaner w/ less ingredients. Thought maybe the bloating and gas was some other cause, b/c there’s such a small amount in the WP. I’ll be switching back to Armour next month!)

      • Kathy

        I have been on synthroid since 1980 when they removed my thyroid due to graves disease & I have seen one doctor after another because of problems with muscles, headaches, not being able to even be out in the summer months for very long unless I have water to cool down in. I was about 28 or 29 then & am now almost 62 & each year everything has gotten worse & more doctors & hospital bills from tests & my muscles, tendons, lymph system or something draws up in stomach area, back up into neck & head & the only way to stop it is to back off some of my synthroid. I am trying my best to find something I can take instead of synthroid (levothyroxine)

      • Julie Johns

        I was on Westhroid P for a few months and had to stop. I had all the symptoms for some type of colon cancer and was even given a colonoscopy – which was normal. I had severe side pain, bloating, diareah, and my blatter felt like it was sitting on my pelvis – it was awful! I stopped the Westhroid and all of my symptoms stopped. Unfortunately, my Dr. insisted on Synthroid and now I am having all kinds of muscle weakness, spasms, and stiffness. I can’t get my new Dr. to listen to me that these are also hypothyroid issues. Very frustrating. Tired of having to explain all this to Dr.’s.

    • Lenora

      The WP thyroid list lactose on the ingredient list. They footnote that the lactose is created by some process. You can see the list at their website. A lactose intolerance could cause bloating.

  8. lori

    @ V: RLC labs now has a new product as of August 2013, I am on naturethroid and have not tried this product but you could check it out- it’s called WP thyroid from RLC labs- it’s their purest formula yet with only 2 fillers •Inulin (from chicory root)
    and •Medium Chain Triglycerides (from coconut)
    was just checking this out today and then saw your post. hope that could be helpful for you. Lori

  9. Linse

    Has anyone experienced better results with naturethroid than armour?

    • Rene'

      I tried Armour, but did not do well. Switched to Nature-Throid and have used it ever since (4 years) with great results.

  10. Mae

    I have hashimotos. My doctor finally put me on Naturethroid. The dose seems very tiny.
    It is 16.25 MG. Is it customary to do this?

  11. Dee dee

    any one have a suggestion for thyroid doctors in Nashville/Brentwood, TN?
    I have one now but he is leery of switching me to anything else to check and see if it will help me more than Armour.


  12. Carol Mather

    My doctor changed my thyroid tabs from levothyroxine to nature thyroid, this is day three woke up fine then started shaking and feeling panicky, could this be the new meds. I feel so bad today!!!

  13. Julie H

    Just started Nature-Throid this morning (3/4 grain, supposed to take twice a day, or split dose?) after being on Tirosint 75mcg but arthritis getting worse so a ND is having me switch. Within 15 or twenty minutes I became dizzy and lightheaded, which has not dissipated now for 2 hours. Is this a typical side effect? My arthritis has been getting steadily and quickly worse so am trying this, butI have been vegetarian for over 35 years and the thought of taking a dead pig product dismays me greatly, could this be a reaction to the pork?. I was already tested for psoriatic/rhum/osteo arthritis and Lyme and all were negative.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Julie, you are probably here:

      • Julie H

        Thank you for the information. I get weekly iron shots and for cortisol issues I take adaptogen and a product called Calm PRT. Forgot to mention I have hashimoto’s. Went to my ND’s office today they want me to try to stick with it until I can see the Doctor on Tuesday. Vertigo was very pronounced this morning though, too bad to drive my car. Why can’t a vegetarian alternative be made? Who wants to eat pig thyroid?

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          Pigs are your friend, not your enemy. :) And vegetables don’t have thyroid hormones. :) If saliva testing proved you have low cortisol, adaptogens won’t be enough.

          • Julie H

            Thank you Janie. I am desperate enough to try it, and yes, pigs are my friends but I don’t want to eat my friends! I will mention having my cortisol retested to my ND. I was not so dizzy this morning, that symptom was slight.
            Drug manufacturers seem to be able to make other synthetic bio-identical hormones, why can’t we develop something similar for thyroid hormones that doesn’t involve ingesting something as nasty as a pig thyroid. I am rationalizing my use of this as the pigs are being slaughtered anyway to feed the nation’s bacon-aholics but… as processed meats are not really healthy (especially for the poor exploited pig) I am wishing for the day that we are not using things that are based on exploiting animals and all the environmental consequences that go with factory faming in particular, and raising animals for food in general. I am sad that I have to choose between losing function in my hands and compromising my vegetarian principals.

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            You can always choose to use synthetic T4 and synthetic T3 together. Not quite as great as what our wonderful pigs give us, but may make you feel better. :)

          • Julie H

            I have now been on Naturethroid about 2 weeks and while initial dizziness gone, arthritis is much much significantly worse. I had one doctor mention that for hashimotos patients, The desiccated thyroid might provoke a strong auto-immune response as the body perceives this thyroid hormone as the tissue it is trying to destroy. Has anyone else had this experience?
            i am trying to decide if I should go back to tirosint or try to stick with this Naturethroid a full month at least to see if I adjust.
            Also my conventional doctor thinks the 3/4 grains twice a day is much too big a jump up from the 75 mcg tirosint as with Hashimotos your numbers bounce around, he would not have increased the dose as recommended by the ND. I don’t know who to believe or what to do.

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            Julie, believe in the experiences of patients before you. You are surpressing more than replacing because you aren’t raising enough.

    • Hugo

      Does anyone know why i get dizzy when I take my pill? I’ve tried Armour (felt dizzy), WP Thyroid (felt dizzy) and now I am on Naturethroid (65mg) and feel dizzy.

  14. Arlene dullaghan

    I was recently switched from armour thyroid to nature-thyroid. I was leery about starting it, but I felt better with the first dose. It’s only been 1 1/2 weeks and I am feeling so good!

  15. Julia D

    I use Armour 6 yar’s , I Im very satisfaction

  16. Lynn

    Just watched Kelly Austin on Thyroid Sessions video and she said Cytomel has gluten (modified food starch). I thought it was gluten free and have been using it with the CMT3 method. Now I’m wondering if I should try NatureThroid again (I have a supply and my doctor would prefer I use it over the Cytomel but I had RT3 and adrenal issues so that’s why I went T3 only). I don’t like the lactose in the NatureThroid either. I may have to get my blood work done and make an appointment with my doctor to switch to WP Throid (lactose free?) or possibly Tirosint with a compounded T3. I don’t necessarily like that idea because of the cost, maybe lactose is the better of the two evils? (Gluten or Lactose, so hard to decide!) I am working on fixing my congested liver with liver flushes so maybe that will help with the conversion issue, making the dessicated work better, but I only just started this process and it may take up to 8 months. Of course, as my liver gets healthier the dessicated may start to convert as I go along.

  17. Mel

    I started taking Nature-thyroid 3 days ago. I was on Levothyroxine for 5 years and after watching the thyroid sessions over the past week I was inspired to see a naturepath and try the natural thyroid. I feel really great and notice an increase in energy. Today I started singing while cleaning and skipped down the street. I can’t remember the last time I felt like skipping. The only thing that isn’t so nice is that I’ve noticed this weird taste in my mouth and t’s been constant for 3 days (since I started the new meds). I didn’t notice anyone else in this forum mention this happening. What’s the deal? Is this associated with the nature-thyroid?

  18. sally

    On SR-T3 15 mcg once a day. Feeling palps and fatigue etc. Esp heart heavy.. About to add Nature Thyroid 32.5. Will this help palps?
    Great site. Thank you. Learning so much.

  19. sally

    Thank you Janie. I always feel like I need a greater dose but he is going slow because of my adrenals. I get that and am taking good measures myself with food, lifestyle, stress management etc., but in the same respect I have felt this way for a very long time not knowing it was my thyroid. So are the adrenals maybe stressed too from not receiving treatment for so long? A when do we help them by helping the thyroid instead of the other way around?
    Also, should I be examined by my doctor? He has never palpated my neck or even touched me? I sit across from his desk only. I talk of my ankle cysts, severly scalloped tongue etc and he never seems interested in looking.

  20. Judy

    I’ve been on Tirosint for several years now. It was the only form of levothyroxine that my stomach would tolerate. The problem is that the price has become prohibitive -greedy pharmaceutical companies. It went from $78 for 84 days supply to $205 and last month it went up to $246. I have Hashimoto’s and I was concerned about the mention that a natural thyroid supplement might cause a renewed antibody attack. My problem is also that I’m lactose intolerant and I’ve read that the HP Thyroid does have lactose in it. Initially I was drawn to the HP Thyroid because of the small amount of additional ingredients, but the lactose could kill the deal. Anyone out there who is on HP Thyroid and also lactose intolerant?


  21. Frankie

    I have had a severe case of graves disease for 9 years, It all started after a complete hysterectomy,Then my endcron never fully explained what the side effects nuclear med can cause in women. A woman that lives in Baytree explained it all in just a few sentences. Had I know I would have had it removed. I have been called bird eyes and some people have made comments looks like you had a rough night. It is heart breaking to feel so ugly. I am fatigued and worn out and I am loosing my vision. I had one eye decompressed it was a scary surgery for the minimal results. I am a young 52-year-old woman and would like my life back. Please someone tell me how.

    Frankie J. From Florida

  22. linda

    What should I do? I have been on Synthroid for 15 years. Have just seen a ND and he changed me to Armour …, was shaky and fast heartbeat. I was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion 3 years ago and also have Lupus. I see my ND Monday to go over blood and saliva tests and decide what protocol to follow, With all of my issues what do you recommend, I was thinking that maybe Nature thyroid may work but am concerned about the auto immune response and also adrenal issue, Help! !!! !!

  23. Lisa

    I was on Synthroid since 2010 when I was doaganosed with hypothyroidism. It took 2 years to regualte but I waqs still hypo for years I was always 100-105 lbs but Sunthroid changed all that and being hypo also. I gained 25 lbs. after fighting being very ill from the smart meters piulsed microwave radiation I weened myself off of 4 drugs. I started Amour Jan 2014 but got very sick in 3 days. I am extremely sensitve to MSG. I suggested WP Throid from reading yout website and my endo put me on 3 – 15.25 mg pills a day. To make a long story short I HAVE NEVER had the proper testing for Thyroid all my GP and now FIRED endo do it TSH, FT3 and FT4. Nothing else. I am purposly b

  24. Lisa

    To make a long story short I was on Synthroid for 3/12 years of hell. Tegretal could have contributed to me becaming hypo. I got off 4 drugs and stopped my Sythroid in Nov of last year. 7 weeks or so later my TSH is 16. got back on Synthroid was worse! I got my GP to try Armour but very sick I have severe MSG sens. I foud your website and strated to read and found the truth. Got a new endo in Jan and got put on WP as per my request. Started in late Feb or early on 16.25 mg pills 3 a day for 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He would not increase my does even thought my FT3 and FT4 were the lowest in 3 years. He is TSH obsessed! I founf out from listening to Dr. Rudy Dragone I found out a hug

  25. Rebecca

    I’m considering changing from Armour because of hair loss, sweating and because I’m gluten-free. I’m on 4 grains right now. Would Naturethryoid be a good move?

  26. Lori

    I’ve been taking NatureThroid for a couple of months now and have only recently experienced itchiness. Severe itchiness of the scalp as well as my legs, arms, neck, and stomach. Has anyone else has similar symptoms? How can I get this to go away?

    • kristen

      Yes! Though my itchiness started around when I began the NatureThroid. It’s intermittent – I can go days without it, then sometimes it’s unbearable. It’s only really at night. It feels like my whole body is crawling. I have no idea what to do about it as none of the doctors I have seen have thought it was related to the pills. Any new thoughts on it?

  27. mx

    Had bad experienced with new batches of ERFA. Luckily, I still have from my last year order but will be finished in 2 months time. Planning to switch to any brand that can do subligianlly. Any recommendtions of brand? I’m suffereing from Insulin resistance.

  28. Cathy Scavelli

    Just picked up my 30 mg Armour at the pharmacy. Price has almost doubled! Pharmacist told me NatureThroid or Westthroid is cheaper. Going to ask dr. for a new prescription. NatureThyroid vs. WP Thyroid – thoughts?

  29. Kameron

    I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in 2002. I’ve been on Levoxyl, Synthroid didn’t work. Then in 2007 a doc checked my T3 & T4 and put me on Cytomel. When Phizer had their Levoxyl recall last year, and Synthroid was all I could get (and my TSH went through the roof). So they tried Armour, but I got terrible headaches and joint pain, and my TPO climbed. Then I was put on Naturethryoid – 2 grains, but my TPO is still very high and my TSH is higher than on Synthroid. I did not get headaches on 2 grains, but am getting them on 4 grain, with joint pain.
    My question is this…is it normal to have to constantly fight you levels? The TPO being high is new…so perhaps my thyroid is degrading over time? Do people who have their thyroid removed (zapped) do better (stabilize) more than those constantly fighting with an underactive thyroid?

  30. Marilyn

    Has anyone been on Nature-throid for a long time, and had their levels suddenly change?

    I’ve taken it for several years, along with a little synthetic T4 (Unithroid) and I felt very well, and had very good labs (suppressd TSH, upper mid-range FT4 and FT3.

    Suddenly this year my TSH has shot to 7.0, and T4/T3 have dropped to absolute bottom of their ranges. The only change I’ve made is to go gluten-grain-sugar free (paleo/primal).

    Has the med changed?

    • Angela

      My doctor told me that when you go gluten free, your absorption of the meds will change and you will need to re-adjust.

  31. Ivan K.

    Naturethroid’s own site lists conversion as 1 grain of NT = 100mcgs of Levothyroxine. That’s my prescribed Levo dose, 100mcgs. This is the second time I’ve used NT for its supposed greater benefits & after 5 months this time, even with taking 1 & 1/2 grains on some days, during both periods on NT I’ve become hypo with elevated TSH figures – last recorded as 27. Either the conversion tables are very wrong, or else this product is ineffective for some people. I need to say this as whilst Levo would be prescribed freely for me, my GPs don’t offer NT, considering it inconsistent. Do they have a point? As I pay for NT privately, frankly, not too impressed so far as much as I wanted something natural. Felt similarly hypo on Armour. Anyone have any idea what’s going on here, beyond advising me the obvious of just continuing to up my daily dose of NT to 2 grains or more?

    • Ivan K.

      Thanks to Janie Bowthorpe’s helpful response to same question in another thread, I have my answer. Conversion charts for NT & Levothyroxine are inadequate at best. Many people in fact need higher doses of Nature-throid to get the conversion right & feel optimal. Sometimes even much higher.

  32. Tina

    3.5 years post t thyroidectomy Hashimotos for 30 years, Synthroid to levoxul to unithroid taking 50 mcg with 1/2 g naturethroid, question when I did only naturethoid ft4 dropped like a rock so added back, how do you know whats the right dose it seems too low for me on these numbers and why so much confusion on pig hormone activating antibodies if everyone feel better on it what is an average dose is it like synthetic where you go by weight, trust you me ive had every symptom plus some over the years
    Thanks for any replies

  33. Lisa

    Saw my dr and she agreed to switch me to wp thyroid. I will be starting with 1/2 grain in the morning and 1/2 grain in the afternoon. Do I need to wait to eat before or after, mainly concerned with the afternoon, morning pill is not an issue. Looking for suggestions and ideas on how to make the transition. She said I still should take my compouned T3 at bedtime to keep my TSH suppressed since I had thyroid cancer. TIA

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Just avoid swallowing it with estrogen, calcium, iron or excessive fiber. You will eventually be able to drop that extra T3. Just the Naturethroid will suppress the TSH if you raise high enough. :)

  34. SunnyBay

    I went from Synthroid to Armour then to Tyro Gold and my Dr now prescribed Nature-Throid. Joint pain was gone while on Tyro but now it’s back full force on Nature-throid only 2 days after I started taking it. My fee hurt a lot in the morning or when I sit for long periods. As soon as I get up, it’s stiff and sore. What is wrong with it?

  35. SunnyBay

    But I was on tyro gold and didn’t have any of it. Why NDT gives me pain?


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