Dr. Lowe wants to talk to you more directly this Thursday–post your questions here!


Please note: Dr. Lowe is NOT an MD or DO who see’s patients and can prescribe. He’s a thyroid and fibro “researcher” with good knowledge about T3,  fibro, metabolism, supplements etc. Many questions have been coming in which are already answered on STTM, or are more targeted to a practicing physician, not a researcher. FYI.
1-14-08: COMMENTS with your QUESTIONS ARE NOW CLOSED TO POSTING.  There are more than he can answer right now. See you tonite!

On the heels of an informative and wonderful THYROID PATIENT COMMUNITY CALL on Talkshoe last week with Dr. John C. Lowe (see posts below), we’re going to do it again this coming Thursday, January 14th.  Join us for Part 2!

Dr. Lowe is a fibromyalgia, thyroid, and metabolism researcher who has always been such a champion for better diagnosis and treatment in thyroid patients. He is Editor-in-Chief of the open access journal www.thyroidscience.com as well as his own www.drlowe.com

And this time, Dr. Lowe is going to spend more time answering  your specific questions. Check out his websites above to get an idea what his expertise is, which includes the use of T3,  Hashimotos autoimmune thyroid disease, iodine, fibromyalgia, the tyranny of the TSH lab test, good supplements, the FDA, and more.

So here’s your chance: think of one or two questions you’d like to hear him answer. Please, if you have more more than two,  narrow them down to the two most important, and keep them brief.  No exceptions. Two max only, and brief.  Then use the Comments below to post them.  Be sure and check out if your questions have already been asked in other comments.

I’ll be collecting the questions ahead of time and will let him preview them. He wants to give you his best.

TIPS ABOUT TALKSHOE: Some reported being booted off and having to quickly rejoin. One step that may help is to download the Talk Shoe Live Pro ahead of time (takes 25 minutes for some) and use that software during the call, since it gives you far more stability.  Also, make SURE you have everything else closed and/or not running on your computer at the same time you are in the Talkshoe call. I will also be chatting with Talkshoe support and will get more ideas.

Also, don’t wait until the call occurs to mention your question. We found it difficult to try collecting them on the Chat. Ask now!!

Yes, you can also call in live during the Call, but it’s good to first let me know your question here.

And finally, at a certain point of those who join (after 300 on chat), Talkshoe participants are automatically unable to post on the chat. You can listen, but no chatting. So if you want to chat, join as soon as the Call opens up, which is 15 minutes before the actual audio begins. Times for the audio are 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7 Mountain, and 6 pm Pacific.

The Stop the Thyroid Madness Talkshoe page: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=62603&cmd=tc

See the blog post below those about Lowe for a very insightful Guest Blog Post by Amy about her role as an Undercover Thyroid Advocate. Below that, you can read how I was wrong about what it was like to be thyroidless, and several great comments.

62 Responses to “Dr. Lowe wants to talk to you more directly this Thursday–post your questions here!”

  1. Carol

    Q-1: Can Dr. Lowe elaborate more on his experiences with myofascial triggger-points and hypothyroid connection? For me, this is the most stubborn of all my hypo symptoms… gets worse the more hypo I am and treatments provide only temporary relief.

    Q-2: Doctors seem to automatically consider palpitations a symptom of over-medication, but can they be a hypo symptom as well? I have experienced palpitations on the new Armour but not on Nature-throid so I’m wondering if the palps are most likely indicative of needing more or less medication (i.e. Armour since that’s the only med I have access to at the moment).

  2. Jennifer McCalla

    1)I am still trying hard to find a Doc in my area that is willing to treat my thyroid that is ‘normal’ according to my bloodwork. I am also terrified that my daughter may have the same issues. She is starting out with headaches & low temp. at age 5 &1/2. When is a good time to get her chked out? Or should I wait till she’s a little bit older to worry about her having hypo? I don’t want her to suffer as long as I have!
    2)How do you know if you have hypothyroidism or a problem with your hormones/estradiol?

  3. Jan

    Question one: I have been on dessicated thyroid for two years. I have an RT3 problem that worsened with Hydrocortisone therapy. I have low ferritin and trouble tolerating any significant iron supplementation. Should I be on T3 anyway while I work on raising ferritin? Currently taking 25mg of HC and 1/2 grain of NatureThroid.

  4. Debbie R.

    Dr. Lowe,

    I have read on your website that you recommend a once daily dose of T3 for those on T3-only therapy. But on STTM and the RT3 discussion group, I’ve read recommendations to multidose. I began by multidosing but have begun working toward trying to dose once daily. So far I’ve been pleased, but am concerned that I will have difficulty functioning in the a.m. without a nighttime dose (one of my worst symptoms is chronic urticaria that responds directly to T3 — so it is worse in the morning until the T3 builds throughout the day). Right now I’m taking 4 25mcg cynomel upon rising, 1 25mcg around 11 am, and 1 at bedtime. Could you elaborate on your arguments for a single dose and why the arguments for multidosing might or might not have validity? Thanks so much.

  5. Susan

    For the menopausal woman; please address the complexities of bioidentical hormone replacement (using estradiol and progesterone), high cortisol, (chronic insomnia) and Hashimoto’s.

    What else can be taken for chronic insomnia (high cortisol levels, unbalanced estrogen/progesterone, hashimoto’s) besides PS (phosphatidylserine) or Seriphos, which is non addictive?

  6. Debbie R.

    Dr. Lowe,

    Do you have any experience with pregnant moms on T3 only therapy? Could there be any risks to the baby from the absence of T4 or calcitonin intake for the mom?

    Also, any advice about how to decide whether to stay on T3 therapy for life if doing well or to try switching back to NDT or a T3/NDT combination after effectively clearing out a huge overabundance of RT3?

  7. DeAnna

    Dr. Lowe,
    I have contacted your office and wife at one time. I also live in The Woodlands. You had mentioned you do not treat patients, but you do communicate with PCP’s to treat patients in conjunction. If this is what you recommend – Can you recommend a doctor that will work with you in The Woodlands/Houston or even National (I would travel) for a Thyroidless person??? I am recently married and understand my body is so messed up I do not think I will be able to conceive a child. I am also an RN and extremely frustrated with my DO and Internist. I do not believe the TSH is a value to follow with me as I clearly do not have a PITUITARY ISSUE. I have dealt with this my entire life. Both my mother & MGM had Thyroid Cancer with Partial/RAI. I’m currently on Sythroid since the reformulation of Armour and lack of NT.

    Thank you – Thyroidless since 2 years old and tired,

  8. Laura

    Dr. Lowe, I have been told I am a difficult case. Main complaint is chronic, all-over muscle (I mean every muscle!) fatigue/soreness, fatigue (mostly in the evening) and scalp soreness. Normal thyroid labs (low-normal FT4/FT3 and RT3 a bit elevated) and unable to dose up on “any” thyroid medication. Have tried low doses of all thyroid meds (Armour, Levoxyl, Levoxyl & Cytomel combo) with no improvement and unable to dose up due to heart palps. and irritability. Normal cortisol, normal vitamin panel, except receive periodic iron infusions due to heavy periods and am below normal magnesium but supplement with upper limit doses with no muscle improvement. No muscle disease, no lyme disease, no arthritis, no antibodies, no food intolerances, etc. Everything always comes back normal. Also take high-quality vitamins and supplement with bio-identical progesterone. None of this seems to help. Fortunately, my doctor is willing to test for anything and try anything. Any advice would be much appreciated. Laura

  9. Kathy M

    Since there are thousands of us in the NTH groups….would it be possible for Dr. Lowe to use us as part of his research?

  10. Linda

    I have a question rather than a comment. I know that dessicated thyroid comes from a pig’s thyroid and it is supposedly better than synthetic hormone – but how is it acquired? Do they kill the pig? I like pigs. They are very intelligent animals and the thought that they kill or torture the pig really bothers me.

    (From Janie: no Linda, they do not “torture” the pigs. And like the American Indians who used to thank the buffalo they killed for sustenance, thyroid patients thank the pig for allowing us to live again. )

  11. Syl

    I have two questions, I am taking 50 MCG Levothroid since 10 years, but I’d like to switch for Naturethroid. What would be a dosage?

    The other question is the Iodine Plus 2 is a same good as the Naturethroid?


    “You see, there are two types of iodine necessary for optimal nutrition and thyroid function: Iodine and iodide. The iodine supplements you normally find are made from kelp – a seaweed – lacking in iodide. Plus, the iodine supplements you’ll see on the retail shelves are about 100 times too weak to be effective in stimulating your thyroid and reversing hypothyroidism! 

Low iodine equals low thyroid. Low thyroid equals low energy, and a busload of other symptoms. 

It’s that straightforward. ”

    (From Janie: this is more for comments than questions. Go here for feedback: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/talk-to-others )

  12. Cali

    I have been on Armour thyroid for about 5 years now. I am on 1 grain a day. I have tried to up my dose but would have palpitations and feel an uncomfortable nervousness. And recent tests have shown my cortisol levels have dropped back down. They have never been high. I read the book “Adrenal Fatigue” over a year ago but my attempts to recover from adrenal fatigue have failed, so I was just given Adrenal concentrate(bovine) 440mg. a day. Do you think this is the right stuff to be on? And if this doesn’t help I guess I will ask my Dr. about HC. My question is, will I not be able to raise my Thyroid meds for as long as it takes to recover my adrenals? Which I understand could take up to a year or more? My hypothyroid symptoms have returned and I am feeling defeated after feeling better for a few years. The constant monitoring and fluctuation of my hormones is exhausting. Please help with any advice you can. Thank you,

    (Cali, go here: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/talk-to-others You’ll see ways to get feedback from patients)


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