Have you switched from one desiccated thyroid to another? Let’s share.

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because it opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it” – Max Planck

And the above quote is probably eggsactly what is going to have to happen for desiccated thyroid to finally become mainstream!  Stop the Thyroid Madness!


HOW DIFFERENT BRANDS OF DESICCATED WORK FOR SOME, NOT FOR OTHERS: Many patients, for a variety of reasons, have switched from one desiccated thyroid brand to another.  I, for example, was on the pre-reformulated Armour from 2002 to 2009, and successfully treated. When I heard about all the horror stories from folks who picked up their “newly reformulated” Armour, I just let my old Armour run out, and I started on Erfa Thyroid from Canada. And it was an easy and successful switch for me.

For others, a switch has not been that smooth. One brand seemed to serve them well, while other brands caused them to tank.

What causes the switch problems? For many, it could be the adrenals/HPA dysfunction. On one product, they may have felt fine, yet due to an underlying adrenal issue they hadn’t caught, a different brand with that “something different” may have been the umpff that caused their adrenals to rebel.

For others, the issues on the new brand could be from a sensitivity to one or more of the fillers. You can read about all fillers in each brand here.

And for still others, there is a mystery of why one didn’t work and another did.

What has been your experience? What did you switch from and to? Armour? Naturethroid? Erfa? Compounded? Thyroid-S? Let’s share.

HYPOTHYROID and/or ADRENAL WEIGHT GAIN: Have you ever heard of the gal who calls herself nonstickpam? I’ve known Pam for a good 8 years, and she has spent most of that time giving helpful advice on low carb eating and how to maintain your weight while dealing with thyroid and/or adrenal issues. Recently, she wrote an article for STTM about this very issue: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/hypothyroid-and-weight-issues/

Have you found something that has worked for you in maintaining or losing weight? Let’s share our successes which might help others.

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  1. Packer

    David- Do you mind sharing the names of the docs you found?

  2. Alma L

    Hello. I’m currently switching from nature-throid (just hasn’t been working properly since the reformulation) and well, no need to give the spotlight further to the detriments of synthroid. (seriously, when I was on that stuff for close to 10 years, the electricity like burning sensations in my body just became normal occurrences..not to mention the really dry, itchy skin and scalp)

    So yes, switching from nature-throid to thyro-gold. To those who have made the switch, did you just stop the nature-throid all together one day and introduce thyro-gold the next or did you do it slowly in phases? Please share your switch to thyro-gold experiences.

    I was diagnosed with Graves at 20 and took 2 treatments of RAI and on synthroid at the age of 21. I haven’t been the same since but work wonderfully with what I have now. I always maintain hope that there is a better option out there for me, for us.
    As a nutritionist, I also keep my diet in amazing shape. Sugar free, gluten free and subscribe to a wholesome, nutrient dense organic food diet, eschewing the processed foods. This I believe has made ALL the difference in being able to still function with decent energy during the really hypo days and keeping my weight under control.

    I’ll keep everyone posted as to how the switch is working for me. I also want this to be a learning experience for those who are contemplating the switch to thyro-gold.

    To our thyroid health!

    • Atik

      Hi Alma,

      Thanks for sharing.I am interested in knowing your personal success and also professional advise on the pattern/system you used via diet to maximise success.You can share here please .

      Thanks again

  3. karen

    yes caroline i agree we need TRUTH IN LABELING for sure !im sure those pigs are fed gmo soy and corn.have you seen food inc? it changed my life . gmos damage your immune sytem thats probably why so many people have auto immune diseases now and it probably also has somehting to to with all this gluten allergy stuff too because gmos have pesticide s in them adn kill the beneficial bacteria thta we all need for a helathy intestine and immune system. organic consumers association has a millions against monsanto campaign if anyone’s interested

  4. Catherine

    Dear all,

    Interesting comments! I have a question on thyroid glandular. I live in Europe where natural desiccated hormone is very hard to find, so I have been ordering natural desiccated porcine thyroid from Nutrimeds. It has worked very well (I take two capsules, each containing 130 mg of raw thyroid, together with 200 mcg of thyroxine, in the morning). I feel a lot better but have not been able to decrease my thyroxine dose (at least not so far). However, the sluggishness is gone and I feel more energetic than before, so the raw thyroid is definitely doing something to me!

    I have been reading about Thyro Gold and would like to know if anyone here has tried Nutrimeds and Thyro Gold and is able to compare them? I ordered raw thyroid from pigs rather than cows because it says on Nutrimed’s web page that porcine chemistry is a little closer to human chemistry, but then I read that pigs may have diseases that can be transmitted to humans, whereas Thyro Gold comes from cattle in New Zealand and Argentina where there is no BSE.

    In your experience, is porcine or bovine thyroid powder better for humans? I would welcome any thoughts on these products (Thyro Gold is worth ordering because it’s better than Nutrimeds, they are equal or whatever your opinions may be!)

    Is the idea that you should be able to decrease your T4 meds once you are on raw thyroid, or should the latter be seen as a complement to conventional drug therapy?

    (From Janie: here are good patient groups where you might get better feedback: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/talk-to-others )

    • Peltman73

      I am wondering about the comparison of Thyro-Gold and Nutrimeds as well…

      • Donna

        Hello Catherine & Peltman73 — I hope that you get to see my reply, over one year later! 😛 I was taking two, Nutri-Med desiccated porcine capsules in the morning, and one in the afternoon, at about 3:30 pm, and I felt fabulous! I decided to try Thyro-Gold desiccated bovine, because they’re 300 mg/capsule:Nutri-Med’s 130 mg/capsule. I was thinking, ‘Great! I only need to take two-a-day!’ Despite Thyro-Gold’s many, glowing reviews, sadly, I’m back to feeling like my old, fat, bloated, sluggish, and EXTREMELY fatigued self. And, all of this, despite the higher dosage! I’m not sure what it is about my chemistry, or the differences between porcine and bovine desiccated thyroid, but Thyro-Gold does nothing for me. I re-ordered a bottle of the Nutri-Med desiccated porcine yesterday, and will stick with it, instead.

        All of this said, please remember that we’re all different. From what I’ve read on the Internet, I seem to be the only one in probably hundreds of people who has had this experience with Thyro-Gold. If you have the money to try both, one bottle at a time, I’d reccommend doing so. Conduct your own, personal study, and see which one works better for you. Best of luck to you! 😃

        PS. I’m sure that by now, you’ve found a product and dosage that works for you; when ever you get a chance, could you please reply? I’d love to hear experience, as well! Thank you!

  5. Anna

    Hello everyone,

    Today I received my first shipment of Thyro Gold and I am anxious to try it. However, I would like to ask those of you who have been taking it for a while if (and how) it affected your thyroid meds? Did you continue to take prescription meds and, if so, did you have to decrease them after a while? I have been on 200 mcg of synthetic T4 for the past ten years. I have no idea how much hormone there is in Thyro Gold, but I assume I would eventually become hyperthyroid if I stayed on 200 mcg of T4 a day + Thyro Gold? Thanks for any help or advice you can give me on this one!

    (From Janie: you will only need to take ThyroGold. It’s already got T4 in it.)

    • maria

      Hi Anna excuse my english I started taking thyrogold this is my fourth day only 150 mg one in the morning. I couldn’t sleep very well kind of like getting insomnia I feel with a lot of more energy my skin looks so soft and feels to my asthma it feels like is improving too.But maybe I need to try my adrenals too because it just feels like I am on the verge of over stimulation of the thyroid

      I hoped I helped I know how it feels to feel like a wasted of skin but you should try it just make sure your check your adrenals too
      God bless

      • chrissy

        I noticed thyro-gold is really strong. be careful with it. nutra-meds is definitely not as strong

    • Wendy

      HI, Hair tests show good minerals and heavy metals. Zinc/Se/iron (enough, but not too much) is required to help T4 change to T3. Raising Synthroid may not help. A lower dose of thyroid medicine….Amour and generic Synthroid with the minerals I mentioned help me. ( Synthroid may have gluten in it.) Gluten may cause thyroid problems when it makes antibodies to the thyroid. No gluten (wheat/Barley/rye..oats), no dairy/soy/sugar/GMO (maybe corn/soy/canola oil), Vitamins/good oils, LDN, Vit D3 5000IU, Vit C, zinc, 2000mg of fish oil, Mg citrate, Nature’s plus- Source of life multiple, HCl and enzymes with meals, dairy free probiotic at night, Vit B12 methylcobalamin shot/spray/until the tongue kind, MTHF folate and more help me.

      Amour thyroid has T4/T3T2/T1 in it. Thyro-gold sounds like it has the same, but the dose may need to be figured out so it gives energy, but doesn’t drop off energy at any time of day. Freezing it may help it be strong longer. Tap water has F/Cl may block thyroid. Soy may block thyroid. Food may block thyroid medicine so no food before it…a few hours and no food until 2 hours after may help. Eating organic may help. Heavy metals may block thyroid. Detoxing may help with organic sulfur or Now brand- Detox support or alpha lipoic acid, milk thistle, Vit C, EDTA/DMPS IV chelations, chorella, 600mg of cilantro far from food may help and lots of good water help me. I eat nothing in a box/bag/label since it may have gluten contamination in it. Nuts not in a shell/meat basting/spices and more may have hidden gluten which can make more antibodies to the thyroid. LDN helps block hidden gluten. It is from a compounding pharmacy from a doctor. Many people are not getting enough thyroid medicine since doctors go by TSH which may not help since gluten may make antibodies to the pituitary that makes TSH. Free T4 and Free T3 tests may help monitor it, but how a person feels may help the most. T4 is storage form of thyroid medicine and needs to convert to T3 to be used by cells. Progesterone may help thyroid hormone be used and more. Bioidentical hormones…estriol/progesterone/testosterone help me. Best wishes.

  6. Anna

    I took my first pill of Thyro Gold six hours ago…the effects are truly amazing! I have so much energy that it feels like my feet are hardly touching the floor when I move…I remember reading somewhere (I cannot remember if it was here or in another forum) that Thyro Gold also contains a substance that suppresses appetite. I can confirm that – normally, I cannot wait to have breakfast when I get up in the morning, and now it’s 10.35 am and I am still not hungry. For the first time ever I had to MAKE MYSELF EAT. I have been on Weight Watchers for ever but unable to follow their program because of cravings. I restart every Monday and fall off the waggon on Wednesday that same week. But now I don’t think that I am going to have any problems with that. A truly amazing product…I just hope I will stay feeling this way!

    • christine

      Are you still on Thyrogold? Is it still working well? I LOVE having an appetite, and now after reading what you wrote, I’m worried I will never be hungry. is this still the case for you?

      • Anna

        Well, I no longer have such a fierce appetite, but to me that is only an advantage. I would recommend starting on 150 mg of TG instead of 300.

        • Loraine

          Hi Anna……I would like how you are doing on the Thyrogold? I wanted to start using this instead of medication for a long time but am so nervous to switch. Please let me know…..I would really appreciate it. thank you


    • Holly

      Hi Anna, I have to agree about the appetite. I had been diagnosed with hypo but not put on meds. I really wanted some energy and I just ached all over. I bought a bottle of Thro-gold and ended up taking two a day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach .My bottle ran out last Thursday. I started having cravings for carbs the very next day and they’ve been horrible ever since! I had given up all grains, rice ect and had only been getting carbs from fruits, veggies and greek yogurt. Was doing wonderfully with no problem. My skin has also become very dry again, I’m irritable and feel kind of depressed, I’m starting to ache and I am in a fog until I have about 3 cups of coffee. Needless to say I’m off to order more after typing this. :)

  7. Catherine

    Cara Bryant,

    I am curious about Thyro-Gold. I ordered it a few months ago after reading so many glowing reviews about it, but it made me seriously hyper. The problem, however, was that I stayed on T4 meds while taking it because I had no way of knowing if I should go off them altogether or just decrease them (and, if so, by how much). Have you stopped taking all other thyroid meds, and are you only taking Thyro-Gold? Thanks.


    • anne

      Catherine.. you felt hyper because you were hyper.. you are not supposed to take both your T4 meds and ThyroGold. That’s like taking a double dose.. one replaces the other.

  8. Lori

    My lab tests came back with a flat-lined cortisol and only very mild hypothyroidism. I spent 4-5 months feeling absolutely horrid working on my leaky gut with GAPS diet, raising my cortisol with nutrients, adaptogens, Thorne’s Cortrex and Standard Process’s dessicated Adrenal and balancing my wacked blood sugar. As my adrenal symptoms improved, the absolutely terrible, suicidal depression set in. With the help of this website and Dr. Rind’s and Dr Lowe’s websites, I decided I need to implement a thyroid supplement. My temps were finally low and stable, as opposed to erratically unstable, and I started Atriums Thyroid 130 and I took 18 tabs a day. The depression somewhat lifted. I then received my Thyro-Gold in the mail. LIFE CHANGING. I literally spent an hour dancing in my bedroom, when I have been barely able to walk or even drive for 6 months. I had gained 40 lbs, and it is slowly coming off. I can’t compare Thyro-Gold to other thyroid meds, but I have been loving it the past 2 weeks on it!

    • christine

      Do you take BOTH Thyrogold AND T4 (like synthyriod)? Do you feel your appetite is the same and are hungry? A comment above says a women took Thyrogold and her appetite is suppressed. I love having an appetite and would avoid this if that is true.

      • Janie

        Christine, please don’t go by one person’s comment. Thyrogold or any NDT is overall not known to suppress appetite.

  9. Catherine

    I have an unused bottle of ThyroGold. I never got to use it as I was put on NTH (Erfa) instead. But so many people seem to be doing great on it, so I wonder if it is possible to combine Erfa and TG? Each capsule of TG contains 300 mg of bovine thyroid which seems quite a lot, so I’d probably need to cut back on the Erfa (I am currently taking 185 mg/day). Has anyone tried this, or is
    TG not meant to be taken with prescription thyroid, but rather by itself?

  10. Cathy

    Those of you who have tried Thiroyd, are you happy with the results? I found a website where you can order 1000 pills and it’s really cheap compared to other thyroid drugs. So far, I’ve only read good things about it but I wanted to know more about your experiences?

    • Dee

      My husband and I visit Thailand every year and bring back 10 bottles at a time of Thiroyd X 1000 tablets (each 60mg). We were told it is hospital quality, which is why we have to buy 10 at a time (this year brought back 20 bottles to help friends and relatives too). We are more than happy with the quality, and the tablets are tiny and easy to swallow or do sublingual.

  11. Pogonia

    Am really interested in Thyro-Gold. My husband and I have been steadily getting worse on low dose Synthroid, and cannot find a doctor insurance covers who will listen to me. So when I can order it, sounds like we can just stop our very low dose Synthroid and, hopefully, get by on one a day Thyro-Gold (?) since our budget won’t allow much more than that. I hope some of you will update here on how you are doing now. :)

  12. Lila Marker

    I am in Canada, where hypothyroidism is seen as a mythical illness.

    I am going to start thyro gold next week. I have never taken thyroid meds or supplements before.

    Can anyone share when it should be taken and how. Is it taken in the morning…do I start with one for a few weeks and see how I do?

    Any information would be appreciated.

    • Janine L

      Hi Lila I’m at exactly the same place you were when you posted. How did it go?

    • lisa

      This is old post but wondering about Thyro-Gold experience Lila

      • Sandy

        I started ThyroGold about 2 1/2 years ago not having taken any thyroid meds previously. I have zero confidence in endos. Started with the 150 mg which increased my pulse from 60 to 72-75 and raised my temperature. Used to have to bundle up in summer in 80 degree A.C. but now am warm all the time. Also allowed me to focus on work again, plus many other benefits. I experimented with taking 2 capsules but it was making my heart race, which seemed pointless. I take one capsule with water when I wake up and wait 30 minutes before eating. Will be getting blood work next week. Meds/supps alone are not enough…I eat meals cooked from scratch, healthy fats, seafood, pastured animal products, veggies, almost no white sugar, no wheat…it’s an “ancestral” diet like humans evolved with.

  13. j dial

    Sadly, Dr. Lowe died in January of 2012. And at this time, May 2012, Thyro-Gold does not seem to be available. I am hoping that the family is attempting to make it available again, but I’ve seen no information to that effect. So I’m looking elsewhere for now. Ugh.

    (CALL: 1-888-281-5170 or 1-877-565-2665. FAX: 1-316-351-7795)

  14. Pamela P

    For those who are having trouble sourcing Thyro-Gold, it is still available as of June 2012. You need to call the 800 number, you just cannot order it from the web site drlowe.com. You can also find info here: http://www.naturalthyroidsolutions.com/How_To_Order.html This is Tammy Lowe’s new web site.

  15. Shelley C.

    I started out on Synthryoid, and though my lab numbers came down to 1.5 from 5.55, I felt worst than ever. My
    Dr.(s) refused to prescribe Armour or any natural thyroid med. That’s when I took matters into my own hands. I found out about Thyroid-S on this site. I started taking it in Sept.2012 and did well at first. I felt a big change in energy levels and depression and brain fog, which have been my major hypo symptoms. Gradually increased dose of Thyroid-S as recommended and I am now at 1 grain, but I feel awful again. No energy, terribly depressed, losing hair, irritable, etc, etc. If I try to up my dosage, I get hyper symptoms, heart palpitations, extremely irritable and moody.I’ve decided to order generic Armour from Canada ( without prescription), I haven’t received it yet, and I am concerned about what dosage to take, it cones in 25 mcg tabs. Has anyone tried Armour from Canada without prescription? Is it safe from what you have experienced? How many mcg of Amour equal 1 grain of Thyroid-S? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My shipment of Armour is due around the end of Jan, this year, 2013. I’m not sure what to do,stick it out with Thyroid-S, even though it is not helping anymore, or switch to the generic Armour. Confused.

    (From Janie: your problems with raising point to either low iron, or low cortisol (and occasionally high cortisol), both which need discovery and treatment before you’ll do well on NDT. Go here: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/adrenal-info and http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ferritin READ THE!! :) And I can only strongly recommend you order the revised STTM book so you can have this information on hand with even more details: http://www.laughinggrapepublishing.com

  16. karen toth

    Yes from reform. Armour to Naturethroid—– no difference sick as he’ll with no hope. I say they are the same and WHY would they do this????????????

  17. Cheryl B.

    Hi all,

    I was feeling totally miserable, always had low body temperature, freezing hands and feet, dry, brittle hair and nails…hair not growing… alligator skin, severe constipation, blurring vision, mental fog, losing short and long term memory..you name it. I started on 5mg of Naturethroid thinking it would do something. Nope, increase to 10, 15, 20mg…nothing. So went to Thyroid Gold took 300mg first day…hmmm something…little more energy, no way…Stayed on that for a week then increased to one capsule and about an 8th of another – getting better, more energy, less constipated. I was taking a cap full of Miralax a day before that but I had stopped everything since I wanted to know what the Thyroid Gold would affect. Couple days later, added a little more of the second, getting closer. I broke down a couple of days later and took 2 pills, 600mg…I also have ADHD but am not taking anything for it. Felt amazing…hair getting nicer, energy back, losing weight! OMG, I haven’t seen that face in 7 years! On that for a couple of days and started having racing heart so I knew, step back. I did for about a week and decided to stay at 1 1/2 capsules – 450mg and it was perfect. I took the powder with a teaspoon of applesauce and as with regular synthetic thyroid replacement…wait one hour before you have anything else. I was having bouts of edema for almost 3 years prior and it was continuing except I couldn’t control it with OTC diuretics so I went to the doctor’s for prescribed diuretics. Now knowing it was definitely something my thyroid needed I thought I could go on regular thyroid and have my primary monitor….so wrong. I obviously need to find an Endo and primary that will pay attention to symptoms. I’ve been off the Thyroid Gold since the end of January since my 5 month wait… for my first visit to see an Endo was getting close (a month). That was not enough time for it to leave my system, who knew?? Not me..now, I need to get a new Endo because the one I got was a young female and was like a witchy woman…tests results were “within the range” and I should exercise. Dude, what about all the rest of the symptoms I was having? I get around, I exercise but try doing it well when you can’t tell the difference between your foot, ankle and leg…you can’t see veins or bones in my feet they are so puffy…duh docs…see this. Though, make sure your doc runs the gambit of tests on your vitamin levels, etc…kept telling my primary I was having shin pains for two years, bruises not going away (for 5 months) she told me, “I was getting older”. Tests from Endo showed I was low in B12 and to keep taking my 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D. I couldn’t move my fingers in my left hand it was so painful. I think it is all symptomatic of having a terribly sluggish body. Ok….changing out doctors and getting all new ones and adding an ENT since thyroid ultrasound revealed nodules and cysts on both sides of my Thyroid. I had my left lobe removed in 2000 but the Endo said that shouldn’t be causing any of my complaints. My theory is my body temperature has been 96.2 to 96,4 all my life until I started the Thyroid Gold…it went to 97.9 in two weeks! My hands and feet were warm for once in a lifetime, I had energy, most of my symptoms were getting better. Not to be TMI, horrible, but I had constipation so bad that I thought only horses and cows defecated like that. Even that, which is a total nightmare trying to regulate and besides..anyone take Miralax?? That does work on consistency but you get cramps, still can’t have a life because you just never know… might as well be single cause no one will want to be around you let alone sleep with you..I don’t even like being around my own self…it’s like Methane poisoning. I’m going back on the Thyroid Gold and damn the torpedos…uh..doctors..
    Good luck guys!

    • elaine

      i used thyro gold 1.5 yrs ago, and had racing heart and lost a bunch of weight, would like to try it again, but almost afraid too….. i use dessicated thyroid now, but i wonder if its the best for me, i had both sides of my thyroid removed due to cold nodules 16 years ago,,,, now fighting my weight, aches, and a new symptom, burning skin!!!! not sure if its thyroid related or fibro or both??

      • Ceci

        Wow, I have burning skin too…mostly at night. Weird hypo symptom.

        • Susan

          Burning skin and tingling are signs of peripheral neuropathy which can occur with hypothyroidism due to the failure of thyroid hormone to get into
          the receptor cells and convert T-4 to T-3.

    • A

      be careful of miralax…i refer you to google :) gl!

  18. Patricia

    Please could someone tell me about how many mg of Thyro-Gold equals a grain of thyroid? Thanks!

  19. Anna


    I have read that 1 capsule of Thyro Gold equals +/-90 mg or 1,5 grain of Armour. It’s impossible to know, of course, as OTC products cannot contain any measureable amounts of hormones, nor any standardized amounts of hormones, but that is what I’ve read, and I have the impression Thyro Gold is very potent.

    • leigh lennox

      when you say “1 capsule of Thro-Gold” do you mean the 300 or 150 mg.? (both are sold on their website).
      Thank you, Leigh

      • Anna

        Leigh Lennox,

        I mean the original (300 mg) capsules, as I read this soon after they appeared on the market back in 2010(?)

  20. susan

    i just decided to try Thyro Gold since the ND I’d been going to has stopped writing prescriptions, and my Naturthroid is running low. It’s so expensive and time consuming to find a new doc so i’m trying the Thyro Gold, hoping it will work!

  21. Mary

    I am amazed I missed the stories about this product until now. I am in Ireland, was diagnosed hypo about 8 months ago and have been struggling on T4 ever since with little success.
    I am also nearly 10 pounds heavier than I was when I started (and I had already gained 40 pounds in three years by then :( )
    So I really want to try Thyro-gold.
    I just hope I can get it here without them seizing it at customs as I already had an order of Cynomel seized.

    I am getting desperate.

  22. chris

    I’ve used thyro-gold for 3.5yrs. I started on a smaller amount by opening the caps and splitting it up then gradually increasing it. It’s been a god send. It’s pretty much the only natural dessicated thyroid I have ever used so I can’t really compare with anything else. I used it through a pregnancy also and had to constantly increase the dose based on what my T3 levels were doing and a T4 but less important what t4 readings were. My tsh readings when taking this are always completely suppressed. I am not typically hypo…I have all the symptoms with normal blood tests. I decided to try the thyro-gold and it has been a life saver. My tsh being very suppressed does freak out the doctors but it is not important at all as long as my T3 is at the top of the range and my T4 is about mid range it’s all good. And quite frankly I have beautiful healthy 1.5yr old to prove it works well in pregnancy and the suppressed tsh had no relevance at all. I believe I have thyroid resistance hypothyroidism so my tissues are resistant to thyroid. that is why the normal tests. Anyway when I first went on thyro-gold I was trying to get pregnant and I did become pregnant. My doctor fretted about my suppressed tsh and told me to drastically decrease my dose down my 50mg per week for 3 wks running ..from 300-150mg. And one week after my last decrease, feeling uttely wiped out and exhausted by this stage I promptly miscarried at 12wks. So the next time I got pregnant I ignored the doctor and increased my dose incrementally after learning to read my own blood tests (t3 mainly) ignoring the very low tsh. and I successfully had a very healthy baby boy 9mths later. I have to have a prescription for thyro-gold…(new zealand) but I just get them to enclose it with my order. I notice customs did check last time it came in. I wish I didn’t have to have a prescription but at least I have one! Anyway I highly recommend Thyro-gold, excellent product.

    • Autumn

      My doctor is worked up about me being on this during pregnancy. How often did you increase your dosage?

  23. Helle

    Any advice here?:
    I love Thyroid-s but can not tolerate more than 30 mg because of the fillers. I’ve tried Erfa, Thiroyd and Thyreoid and none of them give me that great amazing feeling like Thyroid-s
    Any advice?

  24. Diane

    Hi all, I’m new to this group
    Had Graves’ disease 8 yrs ago received RAI now without thyroid. I was on levoxyl wasn’t myself eventually it was recalled not long ago and was on Tirosint short while, more powerful drug last 2 weeks of Tirosint we upped my dose got vey mild chest pains did not tell Dr (100 mcg 6 days and 88 mcg 2 days-the 5 days of 100 mcg was too little-feeling hypo) then I just switched to Armour was on it for 12 days, 1 grain in the AM only, but I believe I made a big mistake by eating breakfast 3.5 hours later I did this for 2 days only & I started to get chest pains I then split the 1 grain in half taking 30MG approx 7:30 AM & 30 MG approx 5:30PM and by the 12th day chest pains stopped but then I started to become tired so I increased the dose by 30 MG, so I took Armour 60 in AM & Armour 30 around 4:30 pm and chest pains returned, actually the chest pains returned from doubling my AM dose, got scared so I asked my Dr to prescribed Naturethroid 1 grain, not sure if I should have fine tuned Armour, but I got afraid and switched to NT.
    Armour is definitely a softer pill and color is fleshy, Naturethroid looks almost white and is harder, maybe NT will be a bit easier on me as I haven’t had these hormones for 8 years, as i do not have a thyroid at all
    Must say my mind felt brighter once I switched to desiccated, but having trouble with the transition to desiccated.
    May need a Dr who is more experienced with NDT, in Manhattan NY, but most holistic Drs have very mixed reviews
    Not sure if making the switch to Naturethroid so soon was wise, I did chew the NT and I’ve learned to eat no longer than 1 hour in the AM after my dose, I also took the 1 grain whole in the morning, not sure if on my 13th day of desiccated I should incr to 1/2 later this afternoon, if my mild chest pain goes away. I’ve read that some people think Naturethroid is a bit weaker than Armour
    That may be a good thing, not sure
    I do understand that I’d be needing to raise gradually but do not know how, 1/2 or 1/4 more? every 2 weeks till I’m level on 2 grains or so.
    It’s a scarey transition but I’d like to keep on natural desicated
    I believe I need a more experience Dr, although my endo is trying to work with me?
    Please what are your thoughts?
    Eagerly waiting!
    Thank you!!!, Diane

  25. christine

    I’m thinking of switching my synthyriod to this Thyrogold. But do any doctors prescribe this or do you have to get it yourself? Also, do you take BOTH Thyrogold AND synththyriod or just one?

    • Janie

      Christine, folks order it themselves. You can google it to find it. No, the vast majority have no need to combine the two.

      • Catie

        I started thyro gold about 4 days ago. I was desperate. Synthroid was really causing problems. I was do exhausted!! In two days I felt amazing. I stopped synthroid one day n started taking 150 at night and then another 150 about 12 hrs later. I feel wonderful! I will be seeing my primary later this month and will request lab work. By the way I have no thyroid. Not sure if I’ll need to increase dosage as the synthroid leaves my body (or maybe it has). I may try one 300 at night and see if that’s enough to get through the day. Instead of breaking it up. Not really sure!

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          Catie, that is WONDERFUL!!! Clapping for you!!!! One tip: pull the second dose up. You need the direct T3 mostly during the day, such as taking your first dose in the morning and your second dose by early afternoon.

          • Judith

            I never quite understood this. Should we take our thyroid in the morning and afternoon, and not at night? Should it be equal doses morning and afternoon? I’ve been trying to space it out equally over 24 hours, but I guess I have been doing it wrong. I’d like to know the right pattern. Thanks.

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            Because your body needs the bulk of the T3 in the daytime, we lean to taking it first thing in the morning, and then in the early to mid afternoon. There are variations, though….

  26. Wayne

    Hello Everyone! I just started taking 100mg of Thyro-Gold yesterday which is 1/3 of the 300mg capsule. Of course I’m excited! Taking it two days is hard to tell, but I do feel a jolt from the direct T3. Up to two days ago, I was on about 75mcg of synthetic T4 and even though that put me in the normal range for FT3 and FT4, I still have dry skin, cold intolerance, inability to sweat to name a few. Been on synthetic T4 for 14 years because of Hashi’s, but based on the small size of my thyroid, I probably had it a lot longer than that. Through diet and supplements, my abnormal antibodies have been in normal range since 2005. (knock on wood!) I avoid gluten, most dairy, soy, and flax. I try to avoid nightshades but I still eat cruciferous veggies because I believe they are just too good for us to totally avoid. Can healthy thyroid tissue eaten by antibodies ever grow back again to secrete hormone? If so, under what conditions could it grow back?
    Main reason I’m posting: I would like to find more info on the number of Grains in Thyro-Gold. I don’t want to start-off taking too much. Anna said that she read that 300mg of Thyro-Gold is about 1.5 Grains. But I read here: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/armour-vs-other-brands/ that 150mg of Thyro-Gold may have a similar effect to 1.25 Grains. That’s a big difference! The Thyro-Gold website indicates to start with 150mg for a couple of weeks and adjust from there based on symptoms. There should be a table or formula available for us to use as a reference as to how much Thyro-Gold we need to start with when coming off of synthetic hormone or another brand of NDT. Does anyone else have more info on this? Thx!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Thyroids destroyed by antibodies don’t usually regenerate. I would follow what patient experiences tell us, which the STTM link is about.

    • Stephanie

      Ok….Iam on Armour thyroid…been going threw doctors like water because the current doctor wont prescribe what i have been taking which is more then she prescribe even tho i told you i was taking double when she ran my labs and all within range…first time since i got thyroid removed in Feb 2013. What do you suggest i buy first the 300mg or 150 mg and how often do i take the thyroid gold? Do i still take my armour..what she prescribes along with thyroid gold? Thanks

  27. anonymous

    I have to leave this as anonymous for privacy reasons, but I’ve been in bed for 2 years now and I’m running out of options, I’m ordering Thyroid Gold and wanted to say even if it doesn’t work thank you for giving me somewhere to turn…lost my job, all my ability to do everything I ever loved, pretty much only thing I have left is cooking and my dog :)

    Here’s to hope!

    • Judith

      Please write back and let us know how you are doing, and if you are seeing improvement! I am disabled by chronic fatigue and would like to know.

  28. Gary Smith

    I have a unique problem from everything I have read. I just got back my TSH results of 12.5. Previously it was 7.2 back in 2002. However, I have absolutely no symptoms of being hypo. I run or hike nearly every day up to 5 to 8 miles, I am thin, have a full head of hair, never constipated, low cholesterol, rarely feel tired, etc. I am a 67 year old male. Dr wants me on thyroid meds. I tried that in 2002 but it was the bad stuff – synthoid. My hair fell out and my cholesterol levels spiked up. So I went off them ASAP. I am thinking about trying Armour in low dose or Dr. Lowe’s Thyro Gold. But I am worried about the side effects. And why even go on anything if i feel so good?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Your final question-thought makes sense, Gary.

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        But Gary, I would definitely keep an key eye on yourself, just in case you are getting by with plenty of cortisol or adrenaline. Because if that’s the case, your body may be setting you up for a major crash.

  29. Mary

    Just ordered Thyro Gold after being on Synthroid for almost 19 years for hypothyroid and feel like crap (headaches, weight gain, aches and pain, insomnia, brain fog, extreme fatigue, hair loss, acne, edema, etc). I have gone through countless doctors across three states and all swear by Synthroid and refused to prescribe anything else (mainly because of the commission doctors make by prescribing this drug). They continue to increase dose over the years and I’m now on 200 mcg of Synthroid without a life. I’m hoping Thyro Gold gives me my life back and will report back to all in a few weeks.

    • CHris

      Hi Mary, I am keen to find out how you’re getting on with Thyrogold. My girlfriend will be switching from naturethroid 2 grains to thyrogold but we are unsure how much to take. How has your experience been so far?

      • Kathleen

        I’m very curious to hear how you’re doing too. I’m on .225 of synthroid and decided to try taking .200 synthroid and 75 mg thyrogold.

  30. Daphne

    I am currently on 90mg of Thyroid Erfa (60 mg/night, 30mg/day). I need an increase, but doc won’t do it so I decided to supplement with Thyrogold. I have a couple of questions. 1) I have 150 mg capsules of thyrogold. How should I dose? I was thinking to take the thyrogold in the morning and the erfa at night. 2) from the comments above it sounds like maybe I should be taking the larger dose in the morning…is that right? I have been on synthroid for over 20 years, and on Erfa for about a month and a half. I just want to be healthy and feel ‘normal’ again, though I don’t remember what that is like! Thanks in advance for advice.

    • jen00

      Hello Daphne,
      I do not know the right answer unfortunately, but if I were in your situation, I would start with 150 mg capsule of Thyrogold in the morning only and see how would I feel. If still feeling hypo, then I would increase the dose by 1/2 capsule (maybe trying adding it in the afternoon, but for most people just one morning intake works fine). If that’s not enough, then try 300 mg capsule/dose. Dr Lowe, the creator of Thyrogold, recommended adjusting dose gradually, say every fortnight, until you find the suitable one. And I am sure you will find it eventually, good luck!

  31. Jack

    I had a complete removal of my thyroid in Nov 2012. I was prescribed 1.25 Synthroid (Of Course) and had horrible anxiety, heart palpitations, etc. I Read STTM which change my life (Thank you STTM!)
    I convinced my doctor to give me Armour and he did. Within a couple of month starting from 1 gain to 5 grains and back down to 4 grain I felt amazing no more symptoms. I found Armour expensive at .47 per 1 grain where Thyroid S was at .11 per 1 grain. So i ordered some Thyroid S from Thailand. I started by swallowing 4 grains in the morning before eating and after 2 week I started having anxiety, etc. I went back to 4 grains of Armour and in two weeks felt normal again. I really wanted the Thyroid S to work so I can stock up and pay less for my meds. I have decided to take Thyroid S again but this time I am taking 4 grains in the morning and chewing it and letting it soak under my tongue for a couple of minutes then swallowing. I do feel a light headaches or light pressure at my temples on this Thyroid S. If this doesn’t work then I will try Thiroyd from Thailand. Anyone else tried this switch before? If so what were your results?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Jack, part of your problem is taking 4 grains at once. Most of us do better by taking NDT twice a day, morning and early afternoon. So for you, that would 2 grains and 2 grains. As far as the Thyroid S, you may need less.

  32. Suzanne

    Hi everybody,

    I am taking Thyroid which I order from the compounding pharmacy Receptura in Frankfurt/Main, Germany for two years now. I am also taking Vit. B complex, D3. I have adrenal fatigue (cortisol and DHEA too low) and Hashimoto. My edema (I have water retentions all over the body incl. puffy face) did not get any better and I keep on gaining weight. The last blood check said my T3 is still too low. At the moment I am taking up 1/2 – 1 grain. Today I started taking a quarter Jodide additionally. Altogether I went from clothes size XS/S up to XL. And it does not stop. :-(
    I also got pregnenolon prescribed and in between even got other hormones, but it does not matter what I do, I keep gaining water.
    P.S. Due to ovarian cancer I do not have uterus and ovaries anymore plus I had a malign melanoma in 2006 and interferon alpha therapy (immune chemotherapy) afterwards which made my Hashi even worse.
    It is possible that Thyroid by Receptura does not work for me and that I should order s.th. else like e.g. Thyroid Gold??

  33. Genie

    Can you please tell me where to order Thyro Gold? I can google it, but want to make sure I’m on an authentic site.
    Thank you :)
    Ps I live in Canada

  34. Louise

    I am currently on 125mcg daily of Levothyroxine and have purchased Thyrogold as I have heard great things about it. I have the 300mg and 150mg bottles and wonder what dosage I should start on first of all. I took a 100mcg levothyroxine and one of the 150mg thyrogold the other day and my heart was racing like crazy plus I was sweating lots – this supplement is obviously very powerful to take effect so quickly.

    Can anyone advise please as to the best way to start out using Thyrogold?

    Is it only available from the US – or can I buy it in the UK?

    Thank you.


  35. anne

    I just received my ThyroGold (and Seriphos for high 12am/8am cortisol). I will be doing a second saliva test this week (because the first one showed unreasonably high results (4x the high range) and I wanted to double check. I am currently on Synthroid (RAI 1994) My question: Can I start on just the Thyrogold right now, do the saliva test, and then introduce the Seriphos, or should I wait until after the saliva test to do the “big NDT switch”? thanks

  36. EM

    I thank all people int his blog for their information. I am presently having a severe case of Hashimoto and two thyroid nodules with calcifications. My doc gave me Tirosint 13 mcg and now raised it to 25 mcg. It is the only thyroid med gluten free . Even that I can’t tolerate the medicine or any others. It knocked me down in bed with extreme fatigue and caused me extreme muscle and bone pain. I couldnt use my hands due to so much pain. It seems that this medicine can reduce bone density, affects muscles and the heart. Most people don’t know how much damage those meds can cause, pharma companies are killing us literally. I need a natural treatment to avoid all those adverse effects. I am not sure what kind I should use, the porcine or the bovine supplement??? Seems that the Thyro-Gold is the most popular among most people in this blog. What about other ingredients in this supplement? I am very allergic to gluten, soy, dairy, eggs and many other foods. I need guidance from people in this blog since many of you have used those supplements and have already experienced the effects. I am determine to use the Glandular supplement as it seems to be the best option…

  37. EM

    Where you can buy the Thyro_Gold ? can anyone send me a link please

  38. EM

    Thanks for the response and link . I truly appreciate any help right now. I must have a biopsy of my thyroid real soon and I am very concern.
    I do know there are many webs but I want to buy the best quality of thyroid extract. I would like to follow those who had already experienced using the supplement and also buying it online. Seems that the Thyro-Gold is the most potent one as I read some of your postings. I need a high dosage but since I also have many allergies and sensitivities to foods and supplements, I would like to know if anyone experienced any side effects with the Thyro-Gold?

  39. Suzanne

    Hi there,

    have taken Thyroid (from the German Receptura pharmacy) for about 2.5 years. In between have solved my problems with Vit. B12 and iron deficiency. Still haven’t lost any of the pounds I have gained before, it’s even getting worse (I went from size S to size XL), most of it seems to be edema. Seems my adrenals got better as well. Still Thyroid does not seem to work for me. I am thinking of switching brands. Not sure if I should try Armour or Thyro Gold, but I think I would like to give Thyro Gold a try. According to Tammy Lowe it seems to be difficult to receive the order shipped to Germany and Italy. I live in Germany though.
    I would like to ask all of you whether Thyro Gold has helped against edema??

  40. Sheila

    Howdy! Just want to weigh in with my Thyro-Gold experience.

    Long story short, over 20 years on .25MG (250 mcg) Synthroid (Grave’s Disease / Radioactive Iodine), over the years I have gained tons of weight, lost a lot of hair and have always felt tired. My Endo refuses natural thyroid, I went to a Naturophath, paid a fortune only to find out she didn’t have the ability to prescribe.

    Went on Thyroid-S, felt “different”, more energy, but I still didn’t really feel “right”. Stayed on it for about 8 months then decided it wasn’t worth the ordering hassle. Took my dog’s 300 mcg Soloxine for 6 months. Best test results in 20 years! The joke was on my Doc when I told him I was taking my dog’s pills.

    In all the years I’ve never managed a temperature above 96F. I ordered Thyro-Gold a month ago (I live in Canada and shipping was not an issue). I started taking one 150MB cap a day in the morning in addition to my Synthroid. I instantly felt like I had more energy. I also lost 5 pounds without trying. After 2 weeks I decided to double down, and began taking 300MG in the morning (in addition to my Synthroid). Still feeling good! No shakiness, no palps or chest pains, no negative side effects at all.

    My morning temperature is now an average of 98.4. I take it as a supplement, not as a replacement for my Synthroid. I lost another 5 pounds without trying, and haven’t gained it back despite my love of fried chicken and donuts! So far, so good, I’m liking the stuff, feeling pretty good and will definitely order again. My next blood work isn’t until April 2015, so until then… ignorance is bliss!

    • Kathleen

      Hi Shelia! Wondering how you are feeling. I’m on .225 synthroid and thinking of adding the thyrogold too. I purchased the 150mg to start. Took a half dose this am with my synthroid.
      I’m hypo, and low t3 which I’m hoping it will help.
      10 years on synthroid, serious weight gain, loss of hair, edema, infertility all of those great things.
      Hoping to be prescribed erfa thryroid.
      I’m in Canada too :)

  41. Cathy Poland

    I’ve been on Canadian Pfizer, now Erfa 125mg for almost 12 years. Not feeling great on Erfa for the last month, Want to buy some over the counter as I’min Canada and there’s nothing else available with prescription. Over the counter, thyro gold or nutri-med, which is best and how much is equivalent to 125 mg Erfa?

  42. Kath

    My Thyroid tests have all been normal but a naturopath put me on cytomel while I was being treated for Lymes. When I finished treatment and stopped cytomel, my hands were suddenly too painful to use and I got very bad asthma. After a couple of months of this I asked to go back on cytomel and finally got complete relief. I’ve been on Cytomel for 2 years and started to feel bad (exhausted, throat feeling thick and uncomfortable, insomnia, weight gain), so last week switched to Armour. Constant headache, depression, racing heart, lack of hunger, overall unhappiness. I am about to try Thyro Gold. Ugh, i feel for everyone who has to negotiate this Thyroid world. It feels like docs know very little about any of it and I am on my own.

  43. L Fields

    I had my thyroid check and am within normal range, but I have dry, brittle hair, hair loss, tired all the time and cold hands. I raised my ferritin / iron and Vitamin D level 2 years ago and all of them are now well above the normal range. I have been trying very hard to clean up my diet (little to no gluten, grains, diary, no processed food at all, try to stay away from GMOs as much as possible and buy free-range, non-gmo feed turkey/chicken the majority of the time). I do take a multi-mineral here and there. My thyroid test still showed that I was within “normal” range (whatever that means) but T4 was on the low end of normal. I’m 50 and in menopause. I purchased Thyro-Gold and took my first pill (150 mg) this morning (I forget to take my temperature this morning before I took the pill, but will do that tomorrow).

    I’m hoping that this will resolve my tiredness, cold hands and most of all slow hair growth and shedding. Did anybody have any hair issues that got resolved?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  44. L Fields

    Thanks for responding back to me Janie. It has been 9 days since I started ThyroGold and I’m not feeling the burst of energy I should have by now. I’m still only taking one 150 mg pill. I’m waiting for the full two weeks (as the website instructs) before I up the dose. I brought a milligram scale and I’m also waiting for that to arrive so that I can open the capsule, split one 150 mg pill and increase the dose to 225 mg.

    This is all new to me but I’m trying to see if this will provide some relief for my tiredness, slight brain fog and cold hands and I’m praying it will stop my hair loss.

    I would also appreciate some recommendations for high quality, organic, non-gmo adrenal support supplements because I feel like I should be doing both.

    Thanks in advance for all your feedback.

  45. Wen

    Hi all

    I was just diagnosed hypo a month ago (dec/14) and was put on synthroid 50mcg. I know I have been hypo for years but of course my tests always came back within normal range and were only done for TSH which on the last blood test (one mth ago) showed 9.17. T4 & T3 were not tested.
    I have no idea why this suddenly showed up except to say I have had a very stressful year that included surgery and many stressful months.

    I took the synthroid for 3 wks with no change and then stumbled upon this site and the book. I have read a lot since then and have ordered and received thryo-gold (I live in canada). I took myself off synthroid and started 150 mg thyro-gold the next day. One thyr-gold capsule is equivalent to 50mcg synthroid. I dosed like this for 2 days. Since I was on synthroid for 3 wks I decided that I should increase my thryo-gold because Dr. Lowe states we should increase every 2 wks. I know take 1/2 capsule of thyro-gold in the evening and 1 full capsule in the morning. This is day 2 and I am still not feeling any different except to say that my anxiety seems to be a bit less. Like it is not on the surface as much as it was in the past (I have been on anxiety meds for 20+ years). Should I be experiencing more of an elimination of symptoms by now or could the lack of much change be because my dose is still too low?

    I’m also a bit nervous. I have always ‘done what the doctor said’ more or less. My doctor won’t prescribe ERFA and there are no doctors anywhere near me that will. I contacted ERFA asking for a list of doctors in Ontario and most all of the ones on the list are no longer prescribing it anyway. ERFA’s list is WAY out of date. (received the list beginning of Jan/15).

    As I said above, my family doc will not prescribe it to me however he did suggest I go and see my naturopath who could get his hands on a ‘thyroid supplement’ (such as thyro-gold). I took it upon myself to order thyro-gold to take with me to the naturopath just in case he doesn’t have any on hand.

    I guess what I am looking for is a bit of reasssurance that I am doing the right thing. I’m feeling a tad insecure today to say the least.


    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Wen. Actually, there is no true equivalent between a Synthroid dose and an NDT dose. It’s like comparing apples and oranges, and those “conversion” charts do us no favor. :( But as far as you, it sounds like you need a raise. If upon raising, you start noticing more problems, then you are here: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ndt-doesnt-work-for-me But that’s jumping the gun…you may be fine with those raises and getting your life back again!! :) :) And we all hope you can teach your experience to your doc!! :)

  46. Georgia Wellek

    Hi,I’m 68 and have hypothyroid and Hashimoto,been on synthroid(Levothyroxine 75mcg)for at least 10yrs. Blood tests are normal,problem is can’t loose weight and hair is thinning. I wonder if it’s safe to go on Nutrasystem and if something like that could help? My husband thinks because I’m taking the Synthroid and have normal levels I should lose weight what do you think?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Georgia. Patient experiences prove it over and over that T4-only (aka Synthroid/Levo) doesn’t work, just as falling in the normal range means nothing. Whatever it takes to bring T3 into your treatment does work. Either demand to your doctor that it’s Natural Desiccated Thyroid you want (or add T3 to that T4), or google ThyroGold.

  47. Gen

    Hi, I just found out I was hypo about Six weeks ago. Couple weeks later found out I’m pregnant. I’m pretty sure I had a miscarriage in 2011 bc of hypo. I think I’ve always had a little hypo since I was young in elementary school. I took armour for six days, made my heart race. Stopped. I tried levothyroxine 1 day, at night felt like heart was jumping out. Stopped. I need to be on something so I started taking armour again. Before I found out I was pregnant I took raw thyroid from health food store and felt better than armour. But the bottle says don’t take if pregnant. Stopped, then tried the armour. I’ve read to take armour twice a day. Med instructions say once daily in morning. What is it? Isn’t it the same as the raw thyroid I’m taking? So why does bottle say don’t take it? Also how do you get erfa? Are you still taking that? Thank you

  48. maell

    hi i am from canada would like to order thyrogold is there a place in canada where i could order it safely because it say that ordering outside u.s not responsible for you’re delivery,and telephone are not good anymore is there a new phone to order thx

    • Tiffany

      I am in Canada too. I have ordered it. I am not awaiting it to see if it arrives. I do hope so.

  49. lmh

    I am 32 years old. Diagnosed with hypo by my family doctor summer 2012. After some improvement of symptoms at 25 mcg I started feeling worse and worse. Ended up at an endorsement 2 years later. She progressively bumped me to 88mcg and says I’m good at this dose. I don’t feel 100% though and the 25 pounds I put on over the last year isn’t budging even though I’m exercising and eating correctly. I am unbelievably frustrated. It sounds like there has been a lot of success with natural thyroids. Any recommendations on where to start?

  50. Tiffany

    I am on .125 mg of synthroid for the last 6 years. I have gained weight. Suffer huge amounts of water retention. So painful to the point I cannot do anything. I have mood swings. Period issues and I have a huge face. I feel and look awful all the time. I have an endo who WON”T switch me to anything else. I seen 3 other doctors begging them for armour or something else to try and no one will give me anything. I am deseprate to see a change so I decided to order thyrogold . I am awaiting it now. please if there is anyone who can walk me through this. help me get started. I am a little nervous about self medicating.
    my email is tiffsedge at gmail dot com.


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