1-Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.14.44 AMHas it been recommended to you to see an Endocrinologist? Sadly, thyroid patients overall have given a F on the report card of most Endocrinologists they have seen. They are simply too obsessed with Synthroid and the TSH.

So what’s a GOOD DOC? He/She is one who:

1. willingly prescribes natural desiccated thyroid (or T3-only when needed), 

2. uses the labs free T3 and free T4 (and you can learn how to read lab results)

3. is willing to let you dose by the elimination of symptoms rather than the inadequate TSH.

BUT NOTE: no doctor is caught up with everything we know! Some are just “better” than others. So go in there informed, which this site and the revised STTM book will help you do.  You can have the book right with you, highlighted and bookmarked, if need be.

  1. YAHOO NATURAL THYROID HORMONES (NTH) GROUP: This group contains bar none one of the best list of Good Doctors anywhere on the net, both the US and Canada, plus one for all other countries.  Why is it the best? It’s been compiled for over ten years; any doc who gets on this list has to meet certain criteria at the least; and most all doctors have patient comments after them, i.e. the patient saw this doctor and gives firsthand information. It’s also “within” the group to keep these wonderful doctors just among patients, not the whole world or where medical boards can see them and threaten them. Go here.
  2. WORD OF MOUTH:  Another excellent way to find a good doc is by talking to others.  STTM lists several good patient groups here. When on any group, put your location in the subject line and you’ll get better results. If you don’t get an answer, kick it back up until you do!!
  3. PHARMACY INFORMATION: Another great option is to approach the Pharmacist (NOT the employees) at a large pharmacy, and ask who tends to prescribe desiccated thyroid. Most pharmacists are friendly and will let you know. Don’t hesitate to go to more than one pharmacy.
  4. PHYSICIANS WEBSITE: Try either American College for the Advancement for Medicine or Functional Medicine where you might find doctors with a good knowledge of desiccated thyroid. Or for holistic doctors: http://www.abihm.org/search-doctors
  5. BRODA BARNES WEBSITE: Also, email here: info@BrodaBarnes.org and see if they can help you find a Broda Barnes doctor in your area. Broda Barnes doctors understand the importance of using desiccated thyroid in treatment! Downside: you may be asked to pay for a list for your area.
  6. OSTEOPATH WEBSITE: Or, you can check out Osteopaths, also called DO’s, here. They can be overall more open minded. BUT, you’ll have to call and find out if they are a GOOD DOC as mentioned above in three ways.
  7. ENVIRONMENTAL WEBSITE: Doctors who are board certified in Environmental Medicine tend to be those who would prescribe desiccated thyroid and understand adrenal fatigue, says a doctor who emailed me in April, 2009.
  8. NATUROPATH WEBSITE:  See if those licensed in your state can prescribe. Some can; some can’t. http://www.naturopathic.org/ An important warning from a few patients as expressed in patient groups: be prepared for some naturopaths to push you to buy their office supplements, or have a poor understanding of how to treat low cortisol. Instead, it’s suggested to write the recommendations down, then go home and do comparisons on the net.
  9. RATE MD’s WEBSITE: This is a public page where patients can rate their doctors. You can simply put in your town, or a town near you. Read the ratings carefully, as ratings may have nothing to do with thyroid, or even the right treatment.  http://www.ratemds.com/
  10. OTHER LISTS: many other thyroid groups have doctor lists. But be cautious, as there may be no comments directly from patients about these doctors, so you never know.
  11. AUSTRALIA, CANADA or EUROPE: Join their respective pages. They are also linked on the the talk to others page.
  12. MEDICARE US DOCTORS: here is a list of those who accept Medicare and may prescribe Natural desiccated thyroid.

NEED AN IODINE-FRIENDLY DOCTOR? Here is a great list that is continually updated: http://breastcancerchoices.org/ipractitioners.html  These doctors understand the use of iodine, companion nutrients, and salt-loading when detoxing.

Finally, if you do find a doctor that seems good, you can send him/her a letter that explains who you are and what you want. Or you can use it to know what to say at the first appointment.

And remember: there is no perfect doctor, and they don’t know “everything”. You have to be your own best advocate and knowledgeable.   Read this site and take notes, or even better, take the STTM book with you. Doctors tend to respect books and poo-poo references to websites.  

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