Have you ever read negative comments about STTM, whether the book or website, such as it has dangerous advice here or there, is too narrowly focused, is written by a nutty dangerous person…or any other varieties of angst, ire, and quibbling? They aren’t common, but here are a few rotten tomatoes that have been reported…and our happy reply:

  1. STTM is a “desiccated thyroid-only” site – narrowly focused. Yup. You got it exactly right! This educational patient-to-patient website is purposely-and-positively narrowly focused about the fact that 1) T4-only meds have served to leave thyroid patients worldwide undertreated with lingering hypothyroid symptoms, especially as one ages, and 2) patient experience has shown that desiccated thyroid, especially when iron and adrenals are optimal, reverses the problems that T4-only gave them. We have also found the TSH lab test to be completely faulty. Stop the Thyroid Madness is a patient-to-patient site with the goal to educate patients on successful things we have learned so you can take the information into your doctor’s office and press for change.
  2. Some information on STTM is dangerous and scary. I couldn’t agree more! ANY health-topic website could be dangerous…if it’s taken out of context, if it’s taken as personal medical advice, if  you choose not to use a good doctor to help you with this information. STTM was, in fact, created to inspire and educate you only, and to take that information into your doctor’s office to discuss and press for change in your treatment if you agree with it. That’s why you will see all over the website and the STTM book to do what it takes to find a good doctor to work with.
  3. The information on STTM is not based on solid clinical research and scientific study.  Actually, there ARE studies which prove what patients already know, and you can see that page here.  But STTM is even more about solid patient experience.  Because they remained so sick due to T4-only meds and the TSH lab test, patients were forced to figure a lot of the information themselves via internet research, patient groups, and experience…and our experience has been profound in creating the compiled information you will find on this website.  When the day comes that the medical establishment learns to LISTEN to clinical presentation sitting right there in their offices, we will REJOICE!!
  4. STTM is a self-treatment site. Absolutely not. STTM was created as patient-to-patient information site with the purpose of giving you solid patient-experience information to take into your doctor’s office for far better treatment.  Because doctors are not going to change their love-affair with T4 meds like Synthroid, Levoxyl, levothyroxine, Eltroxin, or their worship of the TSH test, unless you the patient bring far better information into their offices, one-by-one.  Do some patients use STTM to self-treat? Wouldn’t surprise me, just as they may use many other websites and books to do the same. All we can do is continually encourage anyone to do what it takes to find a good doctor, whom you can then take the info on STTM or the book to your appointment and make your relationship with your doctor a TEAM – your knowledge, your body, and what your doctor can contribute based on his knowledge.
  5. STTM looks non-professional:  This always made Janie chuckle, since she is not a website designer–only adding the content rather than the design. And she has had to improve on removing so many CAPITOL LETTERS when trying to underscore something, and instead use italicized words. lol. But none of that changes the fact that the patient-to-patient information presented on STTM is constantly changing lives. And I constantly tinker with it, finding better ways to word it (since I’m not a professional writer), as well as adding good updates as they come along.
  6. STTM is a “fringe” website: That may definitely be the observation of doctors who hold firm to the TSH lab test and T4 meds, or a patient who wants to follow the crowd. But patients all over the world would challenge anyone to call treatment with desiccated thyroid a ‘fringe’ treatment. And if you call STTM “fringe” or a “cult”, you are only calling “successful patient experience” the same. And that would be sad.
  7. STTM used to have forums which were forced to be removed:  Yes to the first part…STTM used to have forums. But the second part is nothing more than fantasy.  When STTM had forums,  Janie was feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of a large forum with many mods, plus continually working on the STTM website…and worst of all, helping her husband deal with some serious health issues. The latter was especially stressful. Something had to give, and the forums became Real Thyroid Help on another server, run by thyroid patient Deborah.

What about the “nutty creator” of this site? Here is a page specifically about Janie: who she is and who she is not in response to the actually “nutty” comments made about her.

Postscript: what may be the most accurate about STTM is that there is more good information to come! There is always valuable and cutting-edge insight out there which patients are learning in order to best treat our hypothyroid, our adrenal fatigue, and other related conditions. And as we hear them, we’ll add them.